5 Alien Races From Marvel Cinematic Universe You Should Know About

There are many types of alien races in the Marvel Universe, some you may know, while others you may not. Here are five alien races that have been featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that you should know about:

The Watchers:

The Watchers made their debut in Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2, having a small cameo with Marvel creator Stan Lee. They are identified as the race to have gigantic looking heads and as their name says it, Watch over the different timelines of the Marvel multi-verse. They are forbidden to interfere with any of the timelines, even if impending doom is on the horizon.Uatu is the only Watcher to have beoken his code and helped the Fantastic Four.

The Klyntar:

With an upcoming Venom film on the way, here’s a little fact you should know about the alien symbiote which created Venom.That alien comes from a race known as The Klyntar who come from the planet Andromeda Galaxy. The Klyntar are a society of good-natured beings who use their symbiotic capabilities to transform hosts. The Klyntar bond with the most noble of hosts who then become powerful warriors, otherwise both the host and the Klyntar can be corrupted with evil.


The Sakaarans come from the planet Sakaar. There are two types-the Sakaaran Imperials and the Shadow People. The Imperials are red skinned and have gained a lot from their advanced technology.The Shadow People are grey in color and are nomads.Both people will be featured in Thor: Ragnarok.


The Celestials are ancient beings so advanced in their technology  that they are capable of creating life. They have been responsible for creating races such as the Eternals and the Deviants, which also means they are responsible for Thanos who is an Eternal. The Celestials are also responsible for implanting superpowers in humans, engineering them to be more advanced and the result being the dozens of Marvel heroes. Celestials have been featured in  mostly the Guardians films-In the first, the Collector resides on a place called Knowhere which was in a Celestial’s gigantic skull and then in the character of Ego The Living Planet.


alien races

The Chitauri  are an alien race whose main aim is to conquer the galaxy. They have an ability to shapeshift which  they use to infiltrate and conquer worlds.The Chitauri were the first alien race to be featured in MCU, in The Avengers. They were sent by Loki to attack Earth.

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