10 Ways The Venom Symbiote Changed Eddie Brock

The Eddie Brock we saw in Spider-Man 3 and Venom were completely different. Spider-Man 3’s Eddie Brock considered Peter Parker as his enemy. But in Venom, there was no mention of Peter Parker. Here the symbiote accidentally made Eddie Brock his host. We saw Eddie Brock going through a lot after his contact with the symbiote. But the best part was that he was able to defend himself against any danger. Now the latest trailer of Venom: Let There Be Carnage shows that Eddie is now friends with the symbiote. So, let’s see how the Venom symbiote changed Eddie Brock.

1. Seems like Eddie talks to himself

When the symbiote bonded with Spider-Man in the comics, he did not know that the symbiote was actually a living thing. The same thing happened in Spider-Man 3. But in Venom, Eddie immediately got to know that Venom was actually a living thing. He was able to hear Venom inside his head. Venom cannot be seen by anyone else except Eddie. As viewers, we know that Eddie is talking to the symbiote. But in the film, the people around him think that he is talking to himself.

2. Eddie is now a murderer

Venom Symbiote Changed Eddie Brock

The symbiote is not a human being. So it is for sure that it does not understand the value of someone’s life. Now since it has bonded with Eddie Brock, the symbiote tries to save Eddie from every danger. But in that process, they need to avoid some people who are good as well as bad. In usual terms, if the character is a villain or working for a villain, he must be handed over to the legal authorities. But Eddie’s symbiote does not understand any of this and simply kills the bad guys.

3. A different kind of journalist

Except for the absence and references to Spider-Man, nothing else was changed in Venom. The character of Eddie Brock was kept the same. Here also he was a journalist. He used to sting operations on a lot of people. But this cost him everything along with this job and his girlfriend breaking up with him. Since he is now bonded with a symbiote, he is trying to get back his reputation as a journalist. So, his life as the Venom and a regular guy makes things more difficult for him.

4. Starts reconnecting with Ann Weying

Ann Weying breaks up with Eddie Brock after she loses her job. Life doesn’t go easy for Eddie after this. He struggles to find another job for paying his due debts. But life changes after the symbiote bonds with him. Venom has helped Eddie Brock in different ways. But indirectly, Venom helped Eddie to reconnect with Anne Weying. Because of his encounter with the symbiote, Anne starts to care for Eddie which she might have lost during their breakup. Both of them also start to spend some more time with each other like the good old days.

5. He knows that aliens exist

Venom vs Riot fight scene

The origins of the symbiote have not been properly mentioned till now. If we go back to Spider-Man 3, the symbiote fell down from the sky. So, it is evident that the symbiote is from outer space and not from Earth. Even in Venom, Life Foundation was searching for other habitable worlds. The ship was carrying some samples and when one symbiote tried to escape, it crashed in Malaysia. Eddie Brock was a normal journalist. He woke up every day and went to his work. But his encounter with Venom also made him believe in aliens.

6. Eddie meets his new enemy

Eddie saves Earth from a symbiote invasion. This brings his life back to normal. He is now again the journalist. He is asked to do an interview at San Quentin Prison. This is with a dangerous serial killer named Cletus Kasady. Now we need to wait till the release to Venom 2 in order to know why Kasady wants to meet Eddie Brock. But it might have to do something with Eddie’s symbiote. Eddie meets his greatest enemy to date. And it was not possible without the symbiote.

7. Shares his body with someone else

Venom Symbiote Changed Eddie Brock

The symbiote has bonded with Eddie Brock. The powers that we get to see were not earned by Eddie Brock himself. They are the powers of the symbiote. In Spider-Man, Peter Parker earned those powers. Spider-Man and Venom’s abilities are a bit similar. But this is surely not so easy for Eddie to share his body with someone else. As mentioned earlier, people also think that he is crazy when he talks with the symbiote. Overall, Eddie must get used to this.

8. Tries to avoid eating people

Venom is a symbiote that is always hungry. We have seen the symbiote telling Eddie to eat a person’s brain. But Eddie always tries to avoid that. In this situation, the symbiote does not see if the guy or girl on the opposite side is good or bad. Till the first Venom film, we have not seen the character eat anyone, not even the guys who try to kill him. Well, there is a chance that we might get to see this in Venom: Let There Be Carnage. At one point, we can expect to see Eddie eat a villain.

9. He now trusts someone

Since Eddie is a journalist, he doesn’t trust anyone easily. He trusts only those who are close to him. The bonding of the symbiote helped Eddie to trust others. Eddie has shared everything about his personal and intimate life with the symbiote. Overall, he trusts the symbiote. Since it is now bonded with Eddie, the symbiote won’t break the trust of Eddie. So, it can be said that the symbiote helped Eddie to become a better person.

10. Eddie is now kind of a superhero

The number of superheroes in the world of Venom is still unknown. Venom is not at all connected to the MCU. But yes, the existence of Spider-Man is confirmed, although the character has not been seen till now. Venom might be a part of a small group of superheroes that exist in this world. So the symbiote has made Eddie a kind of a superhero. With the symbiote’s powers, Eddie can also save others. This is a completely different kind of Eddie we are getting to see on screen.

So this is how the Venom Symbiote changed Eddie Brock. Now let’s see what Venom 2 has in store for us.

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