No Time To Die: The Sad Truth Regarding The Legacy of James Bond

Daniel Craig is making a final comeback in the role of James Bond in this year’s No Time To DieThis will be Craig’s fifth time appearing in the role of the titular character in the Bond movies. This will also mark as the 25th Bond film in one of the largest franchises in cinema history. While the movie will probably define a proper ending for Craig’s appearance in the role it might also set up a future candidate for the role. Fans have already been looking into the next possible actors to take the role and give us the next installment in the franchise. The final trailer for No Time To Die has made us aware of a very sad truth regarding the Legacy of James Bond.

James Bond Movies

The James Bond franchise started back in 1962 with the premiere of Dr. No. This debut took the world by storm with the action-packed spy thriller being a massive improvement on spy films of the time. Each movie after that has been a massive improvement on the theme with some of the underlying tones remaining. Over the course of six decades and 25 films, James Bond has saved the world countless times. Each film functioned as a standalone adventure with a massive means of continuity. Six different actors have portrayed the role each leaving a hint of them in the role. Each new rendition has retained some aspects from its predecessor while introducing new concepts.


This method of rebooting with new actors portraying the role of James Bond is one of the most unique cases in cinematic history. Each movie becomes a significant piece of legacy and builds upon itself while at the same time evolving with time. But while there are various benefits to this method including making each portrayal stronger than the previous one. There is a massive fault in the idea of the franchise in an overall form. As a viewer, the movies might have a massive legacy but this at the same time leaves no in-universe legacy.


The Legacy

The final trailer for No Time To Die, features a certain dialogue by the villain of the movie, as played by Rami Malek. He says,

Your skills die with your body. And life is all about leaving something behind, isn’t it?


Legacy of James Bond

Even though we don’t know the context of this dialogue but one can assume this to be a dig on Bond himself. As Bond continues to temporarily stop these threats and all to the world, the villains will continue to appear. In simpler words, Bond has no lasting legacy and hence his works can simply be wiped out. This line becomes a very important figure in the world of James Bond.


This character has appeared on screen for almost 60 years living dangerously and saving the world. Whenever he came around to leaving behind a legacy and setting up a world, a reboot came along This reboot then changed and reset the world of the franchise. This has simply made Bond a character that isn’t focused on leaving behind a legacy. “leaving something behind,” is the last thing this character could care about.


Possible Legacy

Legacy of James Bond

Yet there is a chance that something like that might end up showing in the latest movie. As we can clearly see that the Daniel Craig’s rendition of the character in the movies has given the character a lot of depth. With another Double-O agent making an appearance there is a chance that this could be a hint at what is next in the franchise in terms of a legacy.

No Time To Die will release on 8 October.

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