13 Superpowers of Superman That Make Him The Strongest Superhero In DC

The symbol of Justice and righteousness, Superman aka Clark Kent is the brainchild of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, first appearing in Action Comics #1 in 1938. After losing his original world of Krypton, he has always been a productive and law-abiding superhero on the planet Earth. His superpowers have changed since from his inception in Action Comics in the 1930’s. And today we are going to bring you thirteen superpowers that Superman possessed in whole comic book career.

1. Kryptonian Physiology

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Despite having a strong cellular structure which needs solar energy every once in a while, Superman has a strong Physiology than an average human being acting as one of his superpowers. But without solar charging his abilities and overall strength are ineffective. 

2. Super Strength

Superman possesses incredible strength and is capable of lifting billions of tons. He once carried a pyramid from earth to Mars following a face-off with Darkseid, defeated him. His exposure to solar radiation debilitates his strength and powers.

3. Insusceptible

Superman’s dense cellular structure makes him invulnerable to levels of lacerations, blunt force trauma, high-energy assaults, high falls, explosions, Space’s cold void, toxins and other earthly diseases that normal human being are susceptible to.

4. Super stamina

Superman has always been a symbol of strength and his super stamina enables him to fight for an undefined period if exposed to sunlight invariably making it one of his superpowers.

5. Superhuman speed

Well, he is not as fast as his speedster buddy Flash, Superman possesses immense strength. He is capable of flying at a faster speed than light. Moreover, he can catch bullets and shrapnel. That’s cool!

6. Longevity is one of his superpowers

For Superman, age is a meaning term to define his longevity. Being a strong retainer of solar energy, he has immense strength and can live long for an undefined period.

7. Super flight

Superman can fly at a supersonic speed, million times faster than the speed of light in space. Once he journeyed a distance of 25 light years, from Vega Star to Earth.

8. Super Hearing

Superman can hear all kinds of sound across the globe and follow it accurately anywhere.  Not only this, he can catch high-pitch frequencies and can pick a specific one out of all.

9. Super Smells

There have been several instances where Superman proved that he has a strong smelling power. He can smell anything around the entire planet as well.

10. Super Breathe

Superman has huge lungs. He can literally create strong cyclone winds around the planet and can disperse clouds by inhaling them. I wish if he could inhale polluted air from around the worldwide.

11. Heat Vision

He can emit a powerful beam of light from his eyes which can cut through almost anything. Moreover, he can adjust the beam levels to microscopic levels.

12. Supervision

Superman has the strongest vision in the entire DC universe. His powerful and invincible visual abilities include Electromagnetic Spectrum Vision, X-Ray vision, Thermal Vision and Microscopic vision.

13. Solar Radiation absorption

We can call him a super solar battery. He can absorb a huge amount of radiation and enable him to absorb filtered and unfiltered radiation entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

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