Everything That Would’ve Happened While Captain America Returned The Stones

After Endgame, what we really want to see are the events that took place while Captain America returned the Stones.

Avengers: Endgame finally let out heroes, the Avengers, win against the Mad Titan Thanos. The latter only aim was to maintain the balance in the Universe by wiping out half of life. Originally, the Avengers lost against Thanos and his army in Infinity War. This happened because Doctor Strange viewed more than 14 million possibilities. He declared that there was only one possibility where they won. As a result, he willingly gave up the Time Stone. Fast forward to Thanos in Wakanda, he got the last piece of the puzzle – Mind Stone. He then snapped his fingers, and then came the ‘Blip’.

When Captain America Returned The Stones

The road to victory was not easy or pleasant. The moment came to fruition when Scott Lang (Ant-Man) made the team realize they could pull off a time heist. During this particular expedition, Hulk meets the ancient one when he goes to take the Time Stone. After a fairly questionable conversation, she agrees to give the Stone. But she announced that the Stones must be given back to the respected places in order to prevent multiple realities or severe time manipulation. When everything settled, Steve took the responsibility of returning the Stones.

When Captain America Returned The Stones

What could have gone down when Steve returned to the past return all the six Infinity Stones? Hypothetically speaking, a lot could have gone down. Steve Rogers aka Captain America volunteered to clip the branched timelines and put each Infinity Stone back where they came from. Marvel is yet to comment on what all happened once he returned to the past, so till then, let’s theorize:

When Captain America Returned The Stones

Space Stone & SHIELD

When Captain America Returned The Stones

This particular adventure would have been the most difficult one. Reason being that a majority of influential people already know who Steve Rogers is. This would have taken place in Camp Lehigh. Rogers and Stark already made a trip to this place in Endgame for the Stone and extra Pym particles. This appeared to be the location of Arnim Zola’s lab since Howard Stark was looking for him there. Moreover, Peggy Carter was also stationed at Camp Lehigh during this time. It presents Steve with a situation where people could recognize him as he infiltrates the base again.

This could be avoided if the Quantum Realm places him directly inside the facility. Job did, then return. But let’s think out of the box. Getting recognized is not the only problem for Steve. He still has to convert the Space Stone into Tesseract. During this process, it’s a huge possibility that he could be spotted by Zola, Peggy, or Howard as well.

Mind Stone & Hydra

Captain America Returned The Stones

Now, this poses a serious problem for Steve. he already claimed that he is a part of HYDRa previously when he time traveled. So all this time, all of the SHEILD (infiltrated) think that he is in their favor. Steve got Loki’s Scepter by telling agent Sitwell and the Strike Team that he is a HYDRA Agent himself. when the 2023 Steve leaves the timeline, Hydra would still think that the current Captain America is Hydra. It is possible that this timeline could see Captain America actually become an agent of Hydra, and open the door for new possibilities.

When Captain America Returned The Stones

Remember, he needs to make sure that the Stone goes back to the exact place where it was taken from, i.e., HYDRA’s possession. He could get to a point in time before his other 2023 self took the scepter from Hydra and stop him from doing so. Well, another face-off would not harm. Stopping another version of himself from getting the Mind Stone would create another different timeline. This means the other version would have to find a different way of getting the Stone.

Soul Stone & Red Skull

When Captain America Returned The Stones

Infinity War revealed that it was Vormir where the Red Skull ended up being after touching the Tesseract in Captain America: The First Avenger. He is actually Steve’s first foe. When he would have gone to Vormir to return the Soul Stone, a conversation between the two of them would have been epic. First, the realization of Steve would be great to see. Red Skull is the guardian of the Soul Stone on Vormir and greets everyone who visits, there is no doubt that Captain America and his first foe met again in 2014.

Captain America Returned The Stones

Red Skull is now gifted with knowledge and a different mindset. Steve could actually have a conversation with her. One interesting part of the conversation could be if Natasha could return. Her sacrifice is irreversible. But Steve is returning the Soul Stone so could wish her to be back as well. Another side of the Soul Stone that could be explored.

Power Stone & Star-Lord

When Captain America Returned The Stones

This would actually be interesting and nice to see. Steve and Peter have never shared the same screen. Having them come face to face would be a nice thing to see. Plus, Steve could probably mention Peter as the Star-Lord which would send him right through the roof because he would be too happy. Steve could try and return it while Quill is still unconscious. That way when he wakes up, the Orb is back in its place and the events of Guardians of the Galaxy can proceed. This timeline no longer has a Thanos, Gamora, or Nebula.

Time Stone & Ancient One

We know that Time Stone lets you see the possibilities in the future without altering them. Well, the Ancient One has already done this before as she was already aware of Doctor Stephen Strange to be the ultimate Sorcerer Supreme. Hence, it could be no surprise that she would have been expecting Steve Rogers as well to return the stone. She sure did not seem too surprised Hulk showed up. The Ancient One could even be grateful to Steve and the Avengers for returning the Time Stone. She then could have explained the aftermath of shifting timelines as his desire to go live with Peggy was eventually fulfilled. She could be the reason why Steve gets convinced to not come back.

Reality Stone & Jane Foster

When Captain America Returned The Stones

Steve would really have to makeover to fit in with the Asgardians as Jane Foster was in Asgard while she was sick because of the “angry sludge” as Thor calls it. Another problem is turning back the Infinity Stone in its original form at the time. Steve would have to be really careful of being spotted by Thor or even himself. His main objective here is to re-inject the Aether into Jane. How would he do that? That would be utterly interesting to see. But then again, he would be the reason why jane falls sick again. Well, there is not much option because he has to do this in order to prevent the timelines from branching out.

So this is all that could have happened Captain America Returned when the Stones. Which adventure would you like to see the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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