7 Most Painful Scenes From Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a really gruesome show when it comes to having painful scenes. A lot of them are deaths while some, just how the characters were treated, here is a list of some of the most painful scenes from the show:

Lady Bolton Fed To Hounds

As soon as it’s a boy that is been birthed by Lady Bolton, the newly made legitimate son of Roose Bolton, fearing the future, kills his father, Roose Bolton, in order to ‘secure’ his future. He doesn’t stop just there. So that his right to the Bolton name is not questioned in future, he kills his stepmother and her newborn child. He doesn’t stab or poison them. Oh no, that would just be too kind for Ramsay. He feeds them alive to his hounds. This, and many more scenes where Ramsay feeds people to his hounds are too much for some people to take in.

Shireen’s Death

Shireen Baratheon’s death was one of the most heart-wrenching moments of the Game of Thrones series. In order for Stannis to march on Winterfell and take over the North by defeating the Boltons who were then in charge of the north, the Red Priestess asks for the sacrifice of someone with Royal Blood in their veins. With Gendry escaped, the only available option is Shireen, Stannis’s own daughter. She is set on fire alive. Even this though, doesn’t help Stannis take the North. This scene too makes people question if the show went too far.

Sansa’s Rape

Sansa Stark’s life has been a visual description of the word misery. Be it in season 1 of Game of Thrones where her dire wolf is killed or when she is forcefully wed to Tyrion or slapped by Ser Meryn, or when she is technically sold to the Boltons, all such scenes show how truly desolated her life is. But what topped them all was her being raped on her wedding night, with Theon made to watch it. This scene sparked a lot of hate into the minds of lots of viewers and groups.

From Theon to Reek

After Ramsay supposedly saved Theon Greyjoy’s life every moment Theon must have thought of dying. After saving him, Ramsay takes him in and brutally tortures him, so much so that the would be ‘Lord’ of the Iron Islands completely loses his identity and becomes ‘Reek’. Cutting off Theon’s ‘sausage’ was just one amongst the many mental and physical pain that Ramsay causes him.

Oberyn’s Death

Game of Thrones is widely known for its violence, there’s nothing new about it. But if there was one scene which topped them all, it was neither the battle of the bastards nor Hardhome, no great war, but a duel between Oberyn Marteyll, the Viper and The Mountain. Gushing out blood, gauged out eyes, broken teeth falling and a completely squashed face. This is what happened to Oberyn at the end of the battle.

Jorah’s Grayscale

Jorah Mormont who while bringing Tyrion to Dany, was attacked by the Stonemen, because of which he developed Grayscale. His disese kept on increasing and soon he was to turn into a stoneman himself, before Samwell Tarly meets him at the Citadel and sees to it that he doesn’t remain standing while he dies as he was at the time of Moormont’s father. With this in mind, he scrapes of f the Grayscale from Jorah’s body, where in the seen all the puss can be seen gushing out. What’s even more painful to look at is the pain Jorah endures but still can’t shout.

Hodor’s Death

Hodor Game of Thrones

Hodor wasn’t a man of many words, the giant was on screen since the very first episode and also proved to be a great servant, what was the most painfiul moment of the show, pronbably was him dying, protecting Bran. What made his death even more painful was showing the kid Willis become Hodor after Bran worged into him. Showing how, since his childhood he knew his purpose, the moment of his death is what he lived for. His sacrifice was surely something which made Bran fill with guilt and the fans’ eyes fill with tears.

Honourable mentions: Red Wedding, Jaime’s Torture, Yigrette’s Death, Ned Strk’s Head Chpped Off.

That’s our list for the most painfiul moments from the show, if you feel some were missed, as there are many in the show, let us know in the comments below.

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