10 Things Wolverine Can Learn From The Avengers Game

The gaming industry has quickly realized that the Avengers property has just as much potential as a video game premise as it does in movies. Marvel’s Avengers by Square Enix has an eerie familiarity to it, and yet the game manages to keep everything fresh. It is a fascinating new genre of Superhero RPGs that is sure to attract all kinds of fans from all walks of life. Recently, Insomniac announced a Wolverine game, we think there are things Wolverine can learn from the Avengers game. In fact, we made a list, take a look:

Completion Before Release

One of the major problems with Marvel’s Avengers was that it was not complete at the time of release. We mean to say that the game was riddled with bugs and had a lot of rough edges at the time of release. This led to bad reviews from the critics, as most of them judge a game as it comes out of the box. Although most of the problems with the game have been patched in subsequent updates. There is still some bad blood about the release version. Insomniac should make sure that they don’t make the same mistake with Wolverine and release a finished product.


A breath of Fresh Air

Although Marvel’s Avengers did everything right, on paper, with respect to character design. The development team made a huge error in choosing to create a movie-like time with generic faces. The finished product looked neither like the comic version of the team nor like the MCU version that we have grown to love. We want Insomniac to correct this mistake and give us a Wolverine that we have never seen before.


Let’s Play Dress-up

Things Wolverine Can Learn From The Avengers

One thing that we have seen throughout the Superhero game series is that all versions of the games feature a dress-up section. The current version of Marvel’s Avengers has a slew of costume options for our heroes and we wish that Insomniac will follow suit and give us plenty of options as to how to dress Wolverine. At least, give us the option to dress Logan in the old-style comic costume. We long to see the beast dressed up in yellow again.


Comic Storylines

Although even Marvel’s Avengers gives some nods to comic book storylines we wish that Wolverine will take it one step further. We want to see some of the classic storylines of Logan to be adapted onto the digital realm in ways that we can see the greatness of writing involved. If there is a character that has burrowed themselves into our hearts with their stories, it is Wolverine. It will do Insomniac a world of good to use those storylines in their upcoming game.


The Flavour of Originality

Marvel’s Avengers did try to push the envelope on originality, but the game was predictable to the average comics reader. We wish that Insomniac would break that cycle with their Wolverine game. A story that sticks to the comic ethos but gives us enough originality to keep things fresh would help the studio communicate its intent effectively. It will also impress the audience and help in retaining them. Especially an audience that is not particularly comic savvy.


Free DLC

Marvel’s Avengers true redemption was the War of Wakanda DLC. This new free expansion encouraged a lot of players to return to the game, which is the true purpose of a DLC. We want Wolverine to give us a similar DLC, not in terms of setting but in terms of content. Maybe both the companies could take a lesson from FromSoftware in terms of how to build an effective DLC.


May The Boss Battles be varied and Numerous

Things Wolverine Can Learn From The Avengers

The greatest attraction in superhero melee games is the Boss Battles. Although most of Marvel’s Avengers boss battles helped us reminisce about the characters it portrayed, nothing about them was rather memorable. We want Wolverine to take the concept one step further by giving us unique battles all around. Boss battles are also an incredible opportunity to introduce old characters from the comics that no one remembers.


Update Schedule

One thing that Marvel’s Avengers has done right is that it has released constant updates even after release. This has led to the game feeling fresh even after having a relatively short campaign. The developer has continuously released patches, updates, and community events to keep things fresh and varied. We hope that Wolverine will also choose to do the same, although we do hope that the game does not have the same glaring flaws as Marvel’s Avengers upon its initial release.


Minor Enemy Variety

The greatest thing about Superhero melee games is the power trip they give you when you fight the low-level henchmen. But this is only fun if you get variety in your henchmen. After all, fighting can feel boring after a while if you keep punching the same generic dude again and again. We hope that Wolverine will give us new characters for low-level fights that will let us use the full extent of Logan’s powers.


Better Gameplay

The approach of Marvel’s Avengers to gameplay is to simply mash buttons. This is not good if the developers want to hold the attention of their players for extended periods of time. This is why we hope that Wolverine will have better combat that does not boil down to button mashing. Maybe the game should take a page out of the Arkham games, it will certainly enable the users to experience how a true metahuman fights rather than just a man in a bat suit.

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