Here’re 5 Best Innovations By Tony Stark

Tony Stark is the brainchild of not only his Iron Man suit but also other inventions that we might not even stop to check. The year 2008 was a special one for several reasons, and one of them is the cinematic appearance of Iron Man that stole the hearts of comic book fans in just one flick. A man who can build an Iron Man suit while resting in a cave, which is an unexpected rising from the nothingness, can only be Stark. So, without any further ado, we bring you five inventions that Tony Stark came up with besides the Iron Man armor.

 1) The Hulkbuster

Also dubbed as Veronica, this hulk buster is one of the extraordinary achievements of Tony Stark, especially against the unstoppable force, Hulk. It helps Stark to stand strong against Hulk in case he loses out his color and turn green. The suit is designed to automatically assemble through various custom settings.

2) Stark’s artificial intelligence

You must be using the best smartphone with super cool graphics and custom themes, but you can never come close to Tony Stark’s artificial intelligence, which is more sophisticated than you can ever imagine. I am talking about J.A.R.V.I.S. It is capable of expressing human emotions and holding conversations. Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S together make the Iron Man movies more fun.

3) Ultron

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner still regret about the accidental formation of Ultron. You can call it a huge catastrophe of the artificial intelligence that Stark never thought of. This cybernetic megalomaniac can lift the whole city and shift his consciousness through bodies with the help of internet. That’s scary.

4) Arc Reactor

 Arc Reactor is now the main lifeline of Tony Stark, which let him work normally after being seriously injured in a blast. It is like a new mechanical heart that runs on clean energy and a multifunctional battery. It is obtained through his repulsor technology. That’s it? Well, you might not know that the act reactor has enhanced the higher cognitive functions, technical intelligence, bestowing him with multitasking abilities and super learning speeds.

5) Iron-Spider costume

tony stark innovations

We know the classic red-blue costume of the Spider-Man. During Civil War, Tony Stark stepped forward to help Peter Parker by giving him a hybrid of Spider-Man costume with Iron Man armor. Made of highly advanced protein-scale nanotechnology and high-quality plastic, Stark incorporated some cool features that he put in his own armor. It allows Parker do pan around the corner with the help of mechanical spider legs with cameras in it.

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