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10 DCEU Characters Who Should Get HBO Max Shows Of Their Own

Marvel has started with the trend of shows based on the characters from the movies with storylines that are in continuation with the movies. This has been majorly successful as the series is able to give us much more to take from the character because the movies didn’t give it sufficient time. This trend is not limited to Marvel only as DCEU is also getting shows based on the characters from some of the DCEU movies. Peacemaker will be based on the titular character after the events of his first appearance in The Suicide SquadSimilarly, Matt Reeves’s Batman will have a lot of shows based on the characters that we would get to see in the movie. Here’s a look at a few other DCEU characters who should get HBO Max shows of their own after the Peacemaker series arrives next year.

The Amazonians

The Wonder Woman movies have given us a great insight into the world of Amazons. We were able to see their extensive fighting techniques and how they deal with the threats of the world. The Amazonians are extremely well-trained warriors and they fight with all their glory. It would be a great opportunity to see them explored in a much better form with an HBO Max show.


The Joker

The Jared Leto version of the Joker was very offputting in Suicide Squad and looked way off. But one has to admit that the character was quite interesting and might work better in a different project with an environment much similar to the way the character behaves. There is a discussion regarding a possible project around the Jared Leto version of Joker and it would be really amazing to see him being explored in his own HBO Max series.



DCEU characters who should get HBO Max shows

Deadshot was one of the primary characters introduced in Suicide Squad. It was rather well explored and had a lot of potential. We were able to look into his world to find out more about him and what drives him. This was actually a major look into his world and we even get to see him working as an assassin free which was also a pretty exciting moment from the movie. It is fairly obvious that a series based on this character could prove to be a massive success.


Alfred Pennyworth

There have been many renditions of Alfred Pennyworth over the years. Each rendition had something unique about them that made them stick to the Batman world associated with him. The DCEU Alfred Pennyworth, as played by Jeremy Irons, is a rather interesting character but he is not given much time in the movie. This proved to be a massive failure as fans weren’t able to see much about him to leave an effect throughout the movie.



Katana is one of the most interesting characters who appeared in Suicide Squad. She was given a lot of hype but hardly used at all in the movie. Initial plans included him being killed but that was not continued so we might get to see her more. She was actually a close friend of Rick Flag and this seems like a perfect means of her avenging her friend’s death in a future show based around her.


Commissioner Gordon

We are already getting a series based on the character of Commissioner Gordon’s character as played by Jeffrey Wright from Matt Reeves’s Batman. The last Gordon we got to witness was played by J K Simmons in the DCEU movies. Considering the actor has so much potential and none of it was given a chance to flourish in the movie.


DCEU characters who should get HBO Max shows

Zack Snyder had a lot of plans for Deathstroke ever since the character was first hinted at. Joe Manganiello revealed that he had an extensive conversation with Snyder regarding the character. It seems unfair to the fans that all this was hinted at but hardly explored in the movies. All these plans could be taken forward and utilized to give us an HBO Max show based on the character.


Lex Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor in the DCEU is a rather different persona but it fits the way DCEU was navigating throughout the movies. This Lex Luthor was actually the reason behind some of the major events in the DCEU movies. Considering he ends up surviving and he is the mastermind and well aware of the upcoming events of Justice League way back in Dawn of Justice, he could be explored a lot more in a solo venture.



Shazam! was one of the biggest successes in the DCEU. It gave us a whole new way the storylines were being treated in the franchise with hilarity and emotional balance. But the one thing that fans really still question is about the Gods. We are left wondering about what happened to the rest of the Gods and how they seemed to have perished with time. This seems like a perfect job for a series that can easily explore the entire world behind Shazam!.



Gunn gave us some of the most interesting characters with The Suicide Squad, but the problem with this was that most of the characters got sacrificed even before we got to know anything about them. Savant is an interesting character that was explored for a while in the opening sequence. It would be awesome to see a lot more of this character even though we are well aware of his fate by the end.

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