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6 Ways Mysterio is the Best Spider-Man Villain Of MCU

Spider-Man: Far from Home had been a much-awaited movie as it gave a glimpse of the MCU post-blip. Moreover, it was used by the MCU characters and crew members, mainly Peter Parker to give their condolences to Tony Stark who sacrificed himself to save the universe and bring an end to Thanos for good. But more than this, it gave Peter the perfect villain he needed. Mysterio gave Spider-Man the opportunity to grow as a superhero. It is no news that people still argue that who was better – Vulture or Mysterio. But here’s a list of qualities that prove Mysterio to be the superior villain.

1. Master Manipulator

The trailers of the movie presented Quentin Beck to be an Interdimensional Superhero, here to help defend Earth against the Elementals. He may have been successful in fooling Peter Parker but not everyone in the audience was convinced by his charade. Still, It was this manipulation that landed Edith in the hands of Mysterio. It was Peter’s quality to see good in everybody that he gave his last gift from Stark into the hands of someone else. He even saw a glimpse of Tony Stark in the eyes of Quentin Beck.

2. The Planner

The Mysterio was not a single entity but a team of scientists and engineers and ex-employees of Stark Industries who had a grudge against Tony Stark or his actions as Iron Man. Beck, after getting fired, created this team for the sole purpose of destroying Stark’s legacy. This was in contrast to the earlier MCU villains who were all driven by their rage and hence lost. But after Mysterio, MCU tried to solve this problem by introducing thoughtful villains like Agatha Harkness (who waited all this time to present herself through a song.) and He-who-Remains.

3. Made Peter tap into his Spider-Sense

Mysterio is the Best Spider-Man Villain

Spider-Man was so into Mysterio’s illusions that he forgot the difference between reality or fantasy. Mysterio even created a ghost of Tony Stark to further intimidate Peter. This was the point that truly revealed the extent that Beck would go to break Spider-Man. But it wasn’t late until Spider-Man got ahold of his powers when he single-handedly defeated Mysterio and got Edith back. Spider-Sense has been one of his most awesome powers. And it was used in the final battle when he battles Beck on the bridge to save his friends and end Mysterio’s plans once and for all.

4. Even Death Couldn’t Stop Him From Ruining Peter’s Life

Spider-Man was successful in stopping all of Mysterio’s plans and Mysterio ended up dead by the misfiring by one of the drones which ironically, were under his own control. His death was rather poetic. But just before Spider-Man fought him at the bridge, he recorded a small video where he revealed the true identity of our friendly neighbor.

This video was released sometime after his death in the mid-credits scene of the movie. But the best part was that it was played on the news channel, The Daily Bugle, by none other than our beloved J. Jonah Jameson. Mysterio revealed Spider-Man’s name and the scene was cut just as Spider-Man gave a reaction similar to ours, “What the f- !”

5. Played the Whole Public

Mysterio is the Best Spider-Man Villain

By creating and vanquishing a planet-wide threat, Mysterio was able to win many hearts. That is why people believed him in the video when he accused Spider-Man as the bad guy. The video was perjured and edited by Mysterio’s team as their last ploy to defeat Spider-Man. He knew that people needed someone to believe in and after all the 6 OG Avengers either died or quit, they had no one. In these times, he became that ‘someone’ and the innocent people misplaced their trust in him. It will be interesting to see how the citizens of the world react after knowing Spider-Man’s true identity in the sequel.

6. Was Able to Fool a lot of People in the Audience

The true comic book fans knew that Mysterio was a villain and saw the twist coming from a mile away. But the young audience really believed Mysterio when he said he was an interdimensional hero. They even saw a glimpse of Tony Stark in him when he put on the Edith glasses for the first time. So when the truth bomb exploded, everybody saw the real Mysterio. Only a few movies are able to create such a paradox and Far From Home has made its place among them.

Do you still think that Mysterio was far from superior? Or do you believe in “Quentin Beck Supremacy”?  Comment and let us know if you agree with the fact that Mysterio is the best Spider-Man Villain!

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