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6 Important Questions We Have After What If Episode 2

What if…? graced us with the release of its second episode earlier this week and might we say, what a magnificent episode it was. We got to witness an alternate version of the MCU chock full of all kinds of variances including many that seemed familiar. The divergence point of this universe is when Yondu abducts T’Challa instead of Peter Quill. This means that it is T’Challa who becomes Star-Lord, and even without superpowers, he is a force to be reckoned with. But after watching the episode a couple of times we have some important questions we have after What If that we need to be answered.

Why Is There a “Good Guy Thanos”

I mean don’t get us wrong, who doesn’t like to see a villain correct their ways. But the thing with Thanos is that he is not exactly sane. The character is a bit obtuse, to say the least, so forgive us for being a little critical of the writers here. Chadwick Boseman’s Star-Lord has reformed the Mad Titan by the power of his words, but then why did Thanos not listen to all the other people who talked to him.

Questions we have after What If

Surely, there was a Wiseman or two on the millions of planets he destroyed in his insatiable need for balance. Thanos in this universe does not make a lot of sense as this kind of attitude is very out of character for him. But then again we are talking about an alternate reality. However, we do wonder what did T’Challa say to the Mad Titan that made him see the error of his ways.

Where the Hell is Thor

The entire final Battle with the collector is harrowing, to say the least. Not only does T’Challa not have any enhanced physical powers because of not taking the heart herb, but the collector is also way more buffed than his MCU counterpart. Add to this the fact that the collector’s weapon stash has Mjolnir and Hela’s Helm. This means that at some point Hela came out of her sleep and destroyed Asgard, it is possible that Thor perished in the battle. Then the Collector may have swooped in and completely decimated Hela along with some help. This might be the only explanation because those items have no place in the Collector’s vault, they belong to the Gods.

Is Captain America Dead

Inside the Collector’s vault, we also get to see Captain America’s Shield. This is not a very good sign because the Cap would never abandon his shield and to find it in deep space is not a very good sign. We fear that the collector may have defeated the captain in some insidious and deceitful way and taken control of the weapons. Whatever may be the case, the hero’s fate remains a mystery in this timeline. We can only hope that he is alive and well.

Is there a Wakandan Space Empire

Questions we have after What If

In the comics, the Wakandan people eventually perfect their technology and travel to space. They then proceed to colonize space and create an entire space empire that is a sight to behold. Our question is whether the Wakandan ship that is found in the episode represents only the Wakandan effort to rescue their prince or is it a wider story still waiting to be told. If we ever get a sequel to this episode we would like to see a Wakanda in space.

The Death of Ego

Every coin has two sides and so does the story of What if…? For the entire episode, we were following T’Challa on his adventures as Star-Lord but we forgot about Peter Quill. The character was left on earth but he is still the child of a celestial called Ego, the living planet. At the end of the episode, we revisit this storyline in the present day as Ego arrives on earth to claim Peter as his own. As we all know from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Ego wants to use Quill’s body to maximize his power output and destroy the universe. This plan was foiled in MCU but will the same happen in this universe?

Where are the Other Guardians

One of the most glaring questions in the episode is “Where the hell are the other Guardians”. I mean, sure we get to meet Quill and Drax but everyone else is just gone, nowhere to be seen. Even Gamora is never mentioned in the episode even though her sister and father are a part of the team. I mean we can guess where Rocket and Groot are (probably stealing something) but where is Mantis. We would have really liked it if a small explanation might have been given about the missing characters.

Do you have any other Questions about Star-Lord after What If? Let us know.

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