3 Theories That Could Reveal The Possible Origin of Vibranium In MCU

Vibranium has taken its place in the MCU and become a rather significant item that has appeared in more than one project. The element has been a part of some of the most important parts in the narrative of the franchise. It has become one of the major mysteries in the MCU about where the element might have had its origin in the MCU. Even though we have seen quite a sufficient amount of Vibranum in the franchise, it has been told time and again that this amount is quite abundant. Let’s take a look at all the possible theories that could be behind the origin of Vibranium in MCU.


Vibranium was used in making one of the most important MCU weapons amongst which is Captain America’s iconic shield. It was later found to be one of the most important resources in Wakanda and it was also used to make Black Panther’s costume. The element has the ability to store and release kinetic energy that makes it absolutely indestructible. Some of the most essential technology was created from this resource. The only possible thing we know anywhere close to its origin is that a meteorite landed in Africa thousands of years ago.


Even the comics have indicated that there is much mystery regarding the origin of Vibranium. It was indicated in the comics that it is quite rare on every planet in the universe and even after that there are hardly many planets in the galaxy that contain any. This is definitely something rather interesting considering most metals are present in a certain amount in the world. The pattern for Vibranium clearly indicates that it is definitely not a naturally occurring metal.


Theory 1: Vibranium Was Made By The Celestials

Origin of Vibranium In MCU

Fans had started theorizing that the Eternals will have some major link with Vibranium. This was mostly because there was a throwaway joke regarding Vibranium in a scene that included Phastos. The scene actually confirms the fact that the metal has been a part of the MCU for a sufficiently long time in order for the Eternals to know about it. And considering the joke was made towards Phastos, we can imagine that Phastos actually used a lot of Vibranium before he changed his motives. There is a chance that they know about it because of the meteorite in Wakanda but there is also a major possibility that the Celestials actually created Vibranium. We got to witness the technological prowess that they had and it would make absolute sense for them to have worked on metal like Vibranium.


Theory 2: The Dwarves of Nidavellir Made Vibranium

A much interesting place in the MCU was introduced to us in Avengers: Infinity War, Nidavellir. We saw that this place is known for its gigantic forge that actually utilizes a dying star in order to create powerful weapons. Some of the most major weapons that were built here include Thor’s Mjolnir and Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet. All these items are made by a rare metal called Uru that has the ability to store and redirect energy. We got to see that Uru is actually stronger than Vibranium when Cap’s shield was easily broken by Thanos’ sword. But one might notice that there is a certain similarity between Uru and Vibranium and that might trace the source of Vibranium back to Nidavellir. It could be the case that they actually used to make use of Vibranium but then they discovered Uru and switched to that.


Theory 3: The Infinity Stones Led To The Creation of Vibranium

The Infinity Stones were introduced in the MCU right around the first time we got to see Vibranium being used. These stones have had a long history with the MCU and the culmination of the Infinity Saga proved that they play an integral part in the world. In Captain Marvel, we saw that Carol Danvers actually got her powers because she was granted energy from the space stone and the same was seen in the case of Wanda and the mind stone.


Origin of Vibranium In MCU

There is a major possibility that the stones had left out a certain energy pattern all around the world. We can clearly see that the power stone could have been used to create Vibranium when it left behind some sort of energy and this could have ended up landing on Earth. Eson the Searcher, was even seen using the stone to destroy planets in Guardians of the Galaxy. So the creation of Vibranium could track all the way back to the Infinity Stones and the energy released from them.

Which of these theories is responsible for the origin of Vibranium in MCU according to you guys. Comment down below.

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