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Loki Episode 4: The New Hammer of Boastful Loki Explained

The Disney+ series Loki is approaching its end, with only two more episodes left to go. Speaking of that, episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” just released, and has given us a lot to process. From characters getting pruned left and right, to sidekicks saving the day, episode 4 really sped up with the story. Plus, Loki fell in love with his own variant! However, it doesn’t feel rushed. As the story progresses, we find ourselves dealing with way too many variants of Loki, as revealed in the mid-credit scene of episode 4. But one that particularly stands out is a variant that is holding a hammer similar to Mjolnir. So, let’s take a look at this new Loki hammer in episode 4.

New Loki Hammer In Episode 4 Explained

Episode 4 was everything at once. Do you call for drama, action, twists, chaos? it just cumulated all. After halfway through the show, Loki finally introduced the Time-Keepers. Well, all the theories were right because they were actually fake. A ravishing battle unfolded to get to them as Loki handled the MIntement and Sylvie took on Judge Renslayer. Not soon after it was revealed that the Time-Keepers are fake. But by this time Ravonna got back up, and pruned Loki.

To much surprise, he did not die or got erased out of existence. He simply got transported into another timeline while Sylvie took Ravonna hostage to gather information. Loki woke up thinking he’s in hell, but a voice told him not yet. In a perfect mid-credit scene, Loki finally introduced three more variants of Loki, namely – Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, Old Loki, and Gater Loki. But one person stands apart and that is Boastful Loki, is that Mjolnir he’s holding? Let’s talk about it.

Hammer of Boastful Loki

Boastful Loki, played by Deobia Oparei, seems to look very different from any other variant. He is not dressed in the same green-hue outfit. Moreover, he was seen holding a Mjolnir-like hammer, which also seems to be different. The Hammer of Boastful Loki has a wrench-like handle and bears resemblance to Thor’s hammer only when it comes to the structure. If we look at the top, it seems to be fashioned from a gold-colored steel bar. But as we know Marvel, it just couldn’t be random. Matter of fact, it could have its origins in the comic itself.

Loki’s Hammer May Hint At New Marvel Weapon

Let’s dive into the comic origins for now. In a storyline, Odin replaced Thor with Red Norvell. However, that came with an alternate to Mjolnir as well. This new hammer had distinctive look in order to differentiate itself from Thor’s weapon. Norvell’s new hammer was called the Crusher. It is pretty much possible that Marvel Studios decided to take this one element from the entire storyline to assist this variant of Loki.

But there are some changes to it, of course. The hammer in the comics has a longer handle than Boastful Loki’s weapon. The difference is pretty much seen. In the comics, the hammer looks big enough to be able to stand afoot, but Boastful Loki’s weapons’ size is similar to Mjolnir’s. It may just be a similar copy of Thor’s weapon with similar powers. The latter was modified by Odin by a worthiness enchantment. But Loki’s hammer may not be the same in this aspect. That means, any and everyone could use Loki’s hammer, while it has the same powers.

Who Is Boastful Loki?

Boastful Loki already seems like a character that’s far beyond vague. The way he’s wielding the hammer may also hint at a timeline where he was actually worthy and rules Asgard. I mean, who knows at this point? But out of all the four variants that we saw – Kid Loki, Old Loki, Boastful Loki, and Gator Loki, he’s the one who looks the most authentically Norse, with his fur-trimmed leather costume. But if we go by the comic roots, then Boastful Loki shares some Ancient Warrior bravado with Sigurd. Just another Marvel Comics character who has taken many forms, but most bear a resemblance to “Zig.”

Hammer of Boastful Loki

Deobia Oparei seems rather awfully perfect for the role of Boastful Loki. But we are yet to see in what direction the show goes from here. It’s clear that the TVA is in for a huge fight because the world will soon be out that the TVA is not real. As a result, the one behind this has to show its face. I think it’s going to be Kang. Plus this variant looks fierce as well, let’s see if we get some action out of him!

So, this is what Boastful Loki’s hammer could possibly mean in the MCU. Loki is streaming on Disney+ with new episodes coming out every Wednesday.

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