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Loki Episode 4: All 6 Major Variants of Loki Series Explained

Loki episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” gave us a lot to feast on. The Disney+ series now is approaching its end, with only two more episodes left to go. It was known from earlier that the show will blow our minds with episode 4 but this was something else. In episode 2, “The Variant,” we were introduced to many variants of Loki. But in episode 4, we saw four more variants. So let’s talk about all the 6 major variants of the Loki series.

Loki (L1130)

This is the main Loki that the series is following. Following right after the events of The Avengers, Loki escaped with the Tesseract. But this was the courtesy of a failed time heist by the Avengers in Endgame. This is where the story picks up for Loki. The timeline created by this variant of Loki was immediately pruned after he was arrested by the Time Variance Authority. Since the beginning, this variant has seen some serious character development. Moreover, it was even revealed that Loki is bisexual and that he is a soft person.

Sylvie Laufeydottir

In the Loki series, she’s revealed as a Loki variant who’s been haunting the TVA for quite some time now. It was told that she had been killing the organization’s Minutemen, and stealing their reset charges. She made her much-anticipated debut at the end of episode 2. It was revealed that she had actually bombed the Sacred Timeline with the reset charges. Her variant number was never spoken of. However, in episode 4, it was revealed that she was arrested by Renslayer in her early days. That is why she is after the TVA.

Boastful Loki

Boastful Loki made his debut in the mid-credit scene of episode 4 with several other variants. After Loki got pruned by Renslayer, he woke up in a place that looked like a post-apocalyptic New York. There, we saw the first glimpse of Boastful Loki. He wielded a Mjolnir-like hammer which we believe to be an iteration of the Crusher – another hammer from the comics. Of course, some changes are obviously there. maybe this variant actually became the worthy one in his universe.

Kid Loki

In both, comics and MCU, Loki’s cycle of death and rebirth is a core part of his identity. It almost seems as if he’s the one that cannot be killed. If we are to theorize which version of Loki this kid is, then there’s a story in the Marvel comic pages that might fit. On one occasion, Loki was reborn on Midgard with no memories of his past life. Thor found him in a new form as a French street kid called Serrure, which means Lock. And this variant of Loki actually fights alongside Thor, ignoring his evil instincts. So to see this side in play, alongside all the evil variants would be an interesting approach.

Old Loki

Another variant that was introduced in episode 4 was Old Loki. Fans of Richard E. Grant were specifically pleased to see him. Just another rumored proven to be right. Anyhoo, Old Loki actually paid homage to the classic Loki costume from the comics. We could see the classic Jack Kirby design that first appeared in 1962, in Marvel’s Journey into Mystery #85. Even though there are some changes to the design, but the patent golden and green combination did not lose the costume whatsoever. Old Loki is a more evil variant, so his ideology alone would be a separate element for the show.

Gator Loki

Now, this is where the Disney+ series actually turns up the knob on creativity. As seen in the mid-credit scene of episode 4, Kid Loki could be seen holding an alligator wearing a helmet similar to Loki’s. This addition is purely new and has no comic roots whatsoever. But his shapeshifting skills have been mentioned before in the MCU. Let’s date our steps back to a story narrated by Thor in Ragnarok. He told how Loki once shapeshifted into a snake and bit Thor as playful banter (in Loki’s head at least). So it could be theorized that Loki turned himself into an alligator in one of the realities and got cursed to stay in the same form. Anyhow, the origins of these variants will be explored in my opinion.

Other Variants Introduced By Mobius In Episode 2

Episode 2 of Loki finally sent the God of Mischief on his first field mission with Mobius. Before leaving, Loki was oriented about the variants, and Mobius actually introduced a number of them. These included Trickster Loki, Frost Giant Loki, Tour De France Loki, Lady Loki, President Loki, Viking Loki, and Hulk Loki. While it remains a mystery if these variants would show up in the series, the rest mentioned above will definitely be explored further in the remaining episodes.

Loki is currently streaming on Disney+ with new episodes coming out every Wednesday. How many other Variants do you think will arrive in the show?

Let us know in the comments.

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