10 Marvel Heroes That Nightwing Can Defeat For Sure!

Nightwing is one of the most important characters in Gotham and the DC Universe as a whole. The character has managed to excel in his skills as Robin and evolved into his persona with Nightwing. This led to his own identity even though he is still attached to the character of Batman. Batman personally favors him a lot and has often indicated that he considers him a lot closer compared to the other heroes he has helped. Nightwing even has his own rogues gallery after having defeated some of the toughest villains in the DC Universe. That’s not all considering he has also fought with some of his fellow heroes and defeated them too. His skills have proven that he can be a worthy opponent to a variety of characters. Fans have often debated what would happen if heroes from DC fought with some of the heroes from Marvel. Let’s take a look at some of the Marvel heroes that Nightwing can defeat in a fight.


Strongest Members of The Hand

Elektra isn’t actually the best when it comes to fighting certain characters who can be considered equivalent to Nightwing. She has her own history that makes for an impressive career as a vigilante in the Marvel Universe. There are some rather interesting heroes and villains that she has come across while working with various groups. Once she even managed to take over Daredevil in a fight and that just goes to show her mastery in fighting. But Nightwing is someone who is quite good when it comes to such fights and he had the chance to do so next to Batman. Nightwing’s high-flying fighting technique will definitely make sure he beats her in a duel.



Shang-Chi is called the master of kung-fu in the Marvel Universe. The character has made some rather interesting moves that have allowed him to become a master of hand-to-hand combat. There are a variety of professions this character has had in order to explain his persona over the years. He has been a superhero, a secret agent, and everything in between. We can be absolutely sure that he is more skilled in terms of fighting than Nightwing. But that’s the only category where Shang-Chi comes on the top but Nightwing has him beat in all the other possible categories. Nightwing will definitely use his brain in order to make sure that he can use some means to defeat this martial arts champion.


Falcon/Sam Wilson

Marvel Heroes That Nightwing Can Defeat

It is rather interesting to see that this character and Nightwing both share titles that are associated with birds. But Falcon is the only one amongst them who can actually fly and this is quite a big advantage for him. Sam Wilson is quite an accomplished character in the Marvel Universe and he will go for an honorable fight. But Nightwing would not consider his flight as a weakness and he will actually go for some sneaky means to defeat him. Nightwing will actually manage to defeat the Marvel hero with a considerable amount of difficulty.



Beast is one of the most experienced of the X-Men and he can actually prove to be quite a challenge for Nightwing. Both of them will almost match each other when it comes to aspects like speed and acrobatic skills. But while Beast will be a lot more savage, Nightwing is skilled and utilizes strategy and it will come hand in defeating the mutant.


Moon Knight

Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk And Moon Knight Series for Disney+

There are some elements of Moon Knight that have gotten him to be called Marvel’s Batman. But this is not entirely true considering Batman is the best detective in the world and Moon Knight doesn’t even come close to that. One would agree with the fact that Marc Spector has the advantage of strength over Nightwing. But that’s where the comparison between the two ends. Nightwing is superior to Moon Knight in every other aspect and will definitely find it quite easy to beat him this way. Being strong isn’t something that will come of much use in order to defeat Nightwing.


Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier is a character who has quite a lot of depth when it comes to Marvel characters. He is actually much more serious and deadly than the time when he was a sidekick to Captain America. This will actually be something that can actually make for the battle of the equals and Nightwing would have to use every possible means to defeat the hero. The only major advantage that Winter Soldier has is the cybernetic arm and it is not really a strong chance. Nightwing will actually make a chance for Winter Soldier to be unable to use his left arm and use this as a key to winning the fight.



Marvel Heroes That Nightwing Can Defeat

Gambit is one of the most significant parts of the X-Men and the Marvel Universe too. This character can utilize his kinetic energy to make for a rather interesting weapon against some rather large enemies. A battle between the characters of Gambit and Nightwing will surely see the latter required to use his skills in the most interesting circumstance. But Nightwing is actually quite agile and has avoided some of the most major attacks on himself. He would be able to dodge most of the attacks from the mutant and manage to make attacks that will have some beneficial impacts.



Batman vs. Daredevil Which Caped Vigilante is better

Daredevil is one of the strongest characters with one of the most respected reputations when it comes to Marvel. His weakness has paved the way for him to be able to defeat enemies that are way above his weight class. But this character has also got a lot in common with Nightwing as both of them utilize their athletic capabilities to their best. Daredevil’s radar has actually given him a hand over his enemies and the likes of certain villains. But that is the only thing that he would have over Nightwing considering Nightwing is quite skilled in a lot of other ways. Nightwing will definitely use the blindness of Daredevil against him.


Iron Fist

Iron Fist’s K’un L’un training has definitely given him some of the most essential skills making him a worthy fighter. There is the martial arts expertise added with the power to channel his chi with his blow. This is actually his superpower and it has come in handy in defeating some of the most major villains in the Marvel Universe. But considering this is a power that only plays a major role while in hand-to-hand combat, Nightwing can always figure a way around it. He can use his own skills and brain to take on Iron Fist. It would actually be rather interesting to see this fight work out with Nightwing winning at the end.



Stupidest Looking Weapons in Marvel Comics

Punisher is a character who is quite renowned when it comes to fighting considering he has had quite a resume. He is known for doing the same thing that Batman does including using his skills and weapons in a very smart manner. But he is known for being quite ruthless and that has earned him quite the reputation. Nightwing might have some awareness about this character considering he has been around someone like him as the likes of the caped crusader himself. Fighting with Punisher will definitely be a dangerous thing to do but we can see Nightwing getting through with defeating him.

So these are all the Marvel heroes that Nightwing can defeat

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