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20 Freaky Reactions for Doctor Strange 2 After Sylvie’s Final Kill

The year 2021 started with the bang, we watched the chaotic magic by Wanda, then we watched Sam Wilson becoming the new Captain America, and just recently we finished watching the madness created by Loki and Sylvie. Fans are mesmerized by all of them and now they are imagining how Doctor Strange is going to react to the events created by Loki, Sylvie, and Wanda. Check out the freakiest reactions of Doctor Strange after Loki, Sylvie, and Wanda messed up the timeline:

Reactions for Doctor Strange 2

1. Really!!

2. Ohk!!

3. So Done!!

4. Literally!!

5. That Face!!

6. What The Hell!!

7. Oh No!!

8. Super Mad!!

9. Best Reactions!!

10. This Is Shit!!

11. Haha!!

12. WTF!!

13. Totally!!

14. The Reaction!!

15. Cute!!

16. Doctor Strange Right Now!!

17. True!!

18. LOL!!

19. LMAO!!

20. Real Hate!!

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