10 Ways Avengers Endgame Felt Disappointing After Repeated Viewings

MCU has impressed the audience in the last 13 years with its flawless filmmaking. Maybe no one expected that Avengers: Endgame will break all the records at the box office. The film has set a type of record where filmmakers are trying to figure out how to surpass the same. The film has received a decent response. But still, we cannot ignore the fact that it had some flaws. Or at least they didn’t seem like flaws until we watched the film on repeat several times. Now I’m not talking about continuity errors. Since the film was so packed, we didn’t realize certain things at first. But here are a few ways Avengers Endgame felt disappointing after repeated viewings.

1. Iron Man Shouldn’t Have Given Up So Soon

Iron Man made his suit and came to be known as Iron Man. But the battle of New York left a bad impact on him as he became a victim of PTSD after that. He became more conscious about protecting Earth and he failed to do that in Avengers: Infinity War. It was shown that he completely quit in Endgame and left it to the other heroes so that their death can leave an emotional impact. He turns down Cap and Natasha and then returns and saves the day, polishing his heroic resume a bit more before killing him off.

2. Captain Marvel Didn’t Live Up to the Hype

Avengers Endgame Felt Disappointing

The appearance of Captain Marvel was highly anticipated before the release of the film. She was supposed to be a difference-maker considering that she is a powerful hero in the MCU. She did some very good stuff in the movie but could not live up to the hype. If Marvel Studios was attempting to position her as the next huge franchise hero, it was hard to tell. Apart from destroying Thanos’s ship and flying the Gauntlet away from Thanos, it can be said that she was more important for the movie’s final battle than she was hyped to be.

3. A Little Annoying Time Travel Plot

Time travel might have been an important part of the plot. But it was not needed at all. Thanos was killed at the beginning of the movie. Then there was no need to make a past version of him by traveling back in time. This dragged the Avengers to another war with the Mad Titan. Without the huge army of Wakanda, sorcerers, and others, maybe they would have lost the final battle. Apart from this, the time travel created some cheap emotional moments that were shown as character development for characters that were killed later.

4. Professor Hulk Outtanowhere!!

Professor Hulk was something new in terms of Hulk’s character. MCU was slowly building Professor Hulk. But Hulk never showed up in Avengers: Infinity War, although he was seen in the trailer with the other Avengers in Wakanda. The film received backlash from a few fans because of this. In Endgame, it was shown that the Hulk was fully in control. But it happened off-screen without any explanation. It was a massive change and it was MCU’s bad decision not to show the change on the screen.

5. Captain America’s Sudden Retirement

Captain America’s retirement was obvious towards the climax of Avengers: Endgame since Chris Evans’ contract ended with Marvel at this point. But it made no sense from an in-universe stance. Captain America gave up after an event like the Snap. But there were better ways to bid him farewell in the franchise. He had a wish to hang out with Peggy. He could have done it by using the Time Stone, live the moments till Peggy’s death, return the stone to Ancient One and come back. But the filmmakers chose to give an end to his character.

6. The Power Changes of Thanos

Thanos is one of the most powerful MCU villains till now. But at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, he easily allowed the Avengers to kill him. He was powerful even without the Gauntlet. But it was of no use in the film’s beginning. Maybe most people thought that this is the end. But when the Avengers engage in a battle of his past version, he is shown to be powerful again without the Infinity Gauntlet. If he is so powerful without the Gauntlet, we need to find how he got killed so easily in the beginning.

7. Killing Black Widow Off Angered Fans

Avengers Endgame Felt Disappointing

Black Widow has never got a chance to show her capabilities. She has always been a sidekick. But compared to other MCU movies, her character was killed here. This is the worst thing done yet by the MCU. She could have played a major role in the film’s final battle. But that did not happen. We could see every female superhero in the end except Black Widow.  She sacrificed herself so that Hawkeye’s family does not lose him and this was a kind of bad message being delivered.

8. The Time Travel Rules Aren’t All Perfect

The time heist was an important part of Avengers: Endgame. It was contrived so it couldn’t be used as a cure and they couldn’t just get the Stones and bring them to the present that would have stopped Thanos from getting them. But they want another route that would not affect the main timeline completely. This thing just felt weird. If the movie was including time travel, making its obtuse rules looked like a way to both nerf it and set up Captain America’s ending. So this made sense from a writing perspective but it was not very good.

9. How Exactly Did Iron Man Get His Infinity Gauntlet?

In the final battle of the film, to end the chaos created by Thanos, Iron Man grabs the Infinity Gauntlet in his hands. Thanos was bearing a lot of damage and Iron Man survived against Thanos with the broken helmet. Now as mentioned earlier, Thanos is a powerful being. He almost defeated the Avengers at one point. But it was not shown how he got his hands in the Infinity Gauntlet. He could have programmed it to come to him. But no one knows how that happened. The filmmakers should have shown it on screen.

10. Underused Hulk!!

The last two films of the Avengers were the ones where we expected Hulk to be at his best. But that did not happen. Hulk was shown in the trailer of Infinity War but he could not transform in the whole film. But the final film was more disappointing. Professor Hulk might have been brought to add more humor. But it would have been better to pit him against Thanos for the beating he got in the previous movie. It was rather a comic relief with the power to snap his fingers and this left his fans disappointed.

Do you also think that these aspects of Avengers Endgame felt disappointing? Let us know in the comments.

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