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10 Things Which Prove That John Walker Is Not So Bad After All

The character of John Walker was introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was deemed as a villain by MCU fans in the beginning after he kills a Flag-Smasher. But fans had a change of heart when he came back in the final episode to help Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. John Walker indeed did something which he should have avoided. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a villain. Let’s see why John Walker is not so bad.

1. John Walker was only plagued with self-doubt

When you are taking the place of a man like Steve Rogers, it is obvious that a lot of pressure would build up inside your mind. This is exactly what happened with John Walker. He was ready to become Captain America. But he had another responsibility to become better than Steve Rogers. He ingested the super-soldier serum. But this was not to get some power or dominate overall. It was because he needed something so that he can compete with the people of today’s world.

2. Walker killing a Flag-Smasher was relatable

John Walker’s friend Lamar was killed by Karli Morgenthau. This angered Walker and he chased and killed one of the Flag-Smashers. The character was instantly termed as a villain in terms of what he did. But if we look from his point of view, we can understand him better. Lamar was his best friend and used to accompany him on his missions. Their relationship was just like that of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Walker’s motives were not evil but an emotional outburst of losing his friend.

3. He saved a van full of people

The final episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier proved that Walker was not what we thought him to be. He was a good man. He was stripped of his Captain America identity for killing someone in full view of the public. But he later came back and helped Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes in defeating the Flag-Smashers. A van full of UN delegates was hanging and about to fall. John Walker saved those people and proved to the world that he is not evil.

4. Walker finished his ultimate mission

John Walker is not so bad

The mantle of Captain America was taken away from John Walker by the U.S. government when he killed a Flag-Smasher. He could have taken revenge against the government and the common people. But he returned and helped the main protagonists to rescue people and fight the Flag-Smashers. His best friend Lamar was dead and he was very angry at Karli Morgenthau. But all this did not stop him from completing the mission for which he was chosen. Even after his title was taken away, he understood and fulfilled his responsibilities.

5. He was a little overzealous

John Walker initially failed in his mission to become Captain America. But this was not because of a lack of ethics. It was because he cared too much. Walker tried his best to prove that he deserves to take up the shield. This can make Walker insufferable at times and also seem foolish. In one of the scenes, Walker asked the Dora Milaje to step back when they came to arrest Zemo. It is evidence of Walker’s embarrassing arrogance. It was not the quality of an evil man but a noble superhero.

6. His Days in the military

There have been some villains in the MCU who are known to have selfish ulterior motives. But John Walker was a man who believed in patriotism and he showed it by serving the country before becoming the Winter Soldier. Walker and his friend Lamar Hoskins fought on different missions. This was also discussed before Walker was introduced as Captain America to the whole world. Walker was under pressure because he had deep loyalty towards his country and it was not an evil motive.

7. He took a stand for himself honestly

John Walker lost his cool after losing his friend and had to kill a Flag-Smasher. It happened for the first time that Steve Rogers’ shield was full of blood. He had to face the consequences. He was humiliated in the public but he did not try to smooth talk or weasel out of his punishment. He says that he understands why he is being punished and expressed his feelings on how he felt he was being treated. Walker lashes out and proves that he cannot control his temper. But someone else in his place would have used it for their profit instead of voicing their grievances.

8. John Walker respected Steve Rogers

John Walker is not so bad

John Walker tried his best to prove that he respects his predecessor, Steve Rogers. During his introduction, Walker mentions to the reporter that he follows Steve’s career closely and with a sense of reverence. A skeptic will think that he is doing that for the show. But in a conversation with Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, he explains that he is not trying to take the place of Steve Rogers. Walker understands how impactful Steve Rogers was and acknowledges the same when the cameras are off.

9. John Walker spoke to Lamar’s family personally

Since his introduction, MCU fans have given their opinion towards the character of John Walker. But one thing they will accept is that he cares about his partner Lamar. It has been already proved that Walker killing a Flag-Smasher was because of his love for Lamar. But the real act of devotion came out when Walker visited Lamar’s parents to inform them of the news about their son. It shows the real depth of Walker’s character since he took time to speak with his deceased friend’s family. An evil person will never do the same.

10. He tried to form a working relationship with Sam & Bucky

Despite having some minor differences, Sam and Bucky agreed that they were not happy with John Walker taking on the mantle of Captain America. Bucky also resented Sam for giving up the shield that Steve Rogers gave to him. But Walker tried a lot to work with both instead of discarding them. Walker also saved them when they were fighting the Flag-Smashers. He tried to reason with them and also bailed Bucky out of jail. It was a less friendly relationship but Walker took time to try and build an alliance for the good of the mission.

I hope now you also think that John Walker is not so bad after all.

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