The Most Dateable Female Movie Characters of The Last Decade

Movies enable us to escape real life and immerse ourselves in a world that’s make-believe. Despite this, for many, that false world can become almost real and that’s where boundaries become blurred! Sometimes, avid fans start living in the fictional worlds they are amazed by, others vividly imagine and describe the relationships between the characters they like, either continuing the story or turning it in a different direction. But sometimes, fans fall in love with the characters, quite literally in many cases! Many guys looking for a girlfriend become attached to different characters and that’s what defines their taste in women down the road. Some are looking for such a girlfriend their whole life, others are scrolling the online dating sites looking for members looking like their favorite characters. So, we’ll list the female characters from the last decade who almost deserve their own filter on online dating platforms.

Why boys dream about dating fictional characters

Fictional characters provide viewers with the opportunity to feel as though they can fall in love with someone just like their favourite movie characters. These movie characters give boys the freedom to explore their every desire, leaving them wishing they could meet someone just like them. Female actresses portray these ideal women, some of which find a balance between being sassy, sexy and action-character-esque! This leaves guys dreaming about their perfect woman, especially when they are being portrayed in front of their very own eyes! So, what female characters have most males on the planet been drooling over through the last decade?

Black Widow by Scarlett Johansson from Avengers 

Scarlett Johansson has already been considered one of the sexiest actresses in the world and when she becomes Black Widow, she takes on a completely amazing persona. That skin-tight black suit leaves very little to the imagination, forcing men to keep their beady eyes focused on her figure. Furthermore, fans feel connected to her strong character and the role she plays within the movie. Scarlett already had a huge following prior to this Marvel role, yet the popularity of MCU enabled her to connect with film lovers on a completely new level. This Avengers film is impressive alone but with Scarlett holding her own, boys are going to love watching this over and over again.

Katniss by Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games

Hunger Games started out as a massively popular film based on the hit book series, but when Jennifer Lawrence was added to the mix, the franchise became even more. Thanks to this movie, she became a star overnight and was instantly recognized as one of the sexiest women in the world. Besides, this action character gives Jennifer Lawrence a completely new, strong and reliable outlook, and her looking strikingly beautiful on-screen helped to boost her image. Her wet hair and figure gripping outfit once again leave very little to the imagination, making this character a real hit with the boys.

Rey by Daisy Ridley from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Daisy Ridley is a gorgeous lady and a widely recognised actress who captures the imagination once she’s on screen. Playing a pivotal role in one of the biggest franchises ever created, she’s easy on the eye and pleasing to the imagination of any boy who loves this film franchise! She has a perfect figure but her striking white outfit and accessories make her look powerful and intriguing. However, in each scene, it’s possible to see into her eyes and embrace her radiant smile while her can-do personality through playing this character leaves guys feeling weak at the knees and picturing her as an ideal woman, so they’re looking for someone just like her. There is plenty to enjoy here and she plays the role brilliantly well, which makes it even easier for boys to fall in love.

Anastasia Steele by Dakota Johnson From Fifty Shades of Grey

Now, this movie isn’t for the boys. It is not for men either, but everyone who’s got dragged to see it on a date or with friends secretly loved at least one thing: Dakota Johnson. She plays this role, going from a shy girl next door to a sexual goddess perfectly well, making guys crave a woman like Anastasia Steele. Her ability to fulfil the needs of Mr Grey makes her hugely attractive and her sexual desires make men want someone like her more and more, no wonder that dating sites promoting BDSM culture had a surge of popularity after that one. The outfits she wears give her character a sassy edge while her ability to leave guys dreaming to explore their fantasies is what makes her so dateable. Every boy craves a lady who panders to their every need and she does it brilliantly well. Those sultry eyes and naive personality make her the perfect match, even if she is someone who isn’t real!

Letty by Michelle Rodriguez From Fast and Furious

What guys don’t like fast cars, especially when they’re accompanied by hot women?! The hot woman in question here is Letty, who’s played by Michelle Rodriguez. Her character is tough, she loves living life in the fast lane while her Latina looks to bring a certain element of sultriness to her character. That tanned skin, those beautiful eyes and her ability to handle supercars. She’s a no-nonsense kind of girl and many boys have a desire to meet a woman who knows her way around a car while being able to hold her own!

So, films bring us plenty of opportunities to discover the real meaning of what we crave in a partner. Men have different desires but ultimately, these gorgeous actresses bring each character to life. This enables guys to succumb to their deepest needs while allowing their imagination and fantasies to come to life when they see their dream woman on the screen and instantly know the future dating partner they’ll be looking for after the credits roll.

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