Here Are the Answers To 10 Unanswered Questions About Eternals

Marvel fan base shook to the core when Eternals trailer dropped. There is a lot about the movie that remains unanswered. The fact that they have been here with us ever since only allows us to think that they are connected to the bigger picture. So their role in the MCU will go on for a very long time. But their existence also raises some questions. So today, I will answer the top 10 unanswered questions about Eternals that itch us in a weird way. Let’s dive into it!

1. Who Are The Eternals?


One of the well-known facts about the Eternals is that they were created by the Celestials. They are the next evolutionary step in the process to create humans beings. They were created by Jack Kirby in 1976, existing as incredibly powerful immortal beings. Eternals were created with the sole purpose to protect the Earth from the scourge of the monstrous Deviants. The opposite race is evil and as powerful as the Eternals.

In the trailer released by Marvel, we see the Eternals coming to Earth for the very first time. They arrived millennia ago in a highly advanced alien craft. Whether or not they’ve been assigned to protect Earth remains to be seen, but it could very well open the door to the formal introduction of the Celestials. So if the Celestials could be seen, I preach that Deviants are not far in the race as well.

2. Who Is The Strongest Eternal?

Well, the Eternals are really strong. But if we were to ask who’s the strongest, who would win? I guess I have the answer for you. The strongest Eternal physically is Gilgamesh. He is known as the powerhouse of the Eternals, capable of lifting 100 tons with relative ease. Where other Eternals can channel cosmic energy, Gilgamesh can sort of do that too to give him additional strength. He can also create a powerful and durable exoskeleton.

3. Who Is Their Leader?

Unanswered Questions About Eternals

The leader of the Eternals is Ikaris. While he might not seem the strongest physically, he is one of the most powerful Eternals in comics. Moreover, Richard Madden brings leadership experience to the role after successfully winning over the audience via Game of Thrones. Ikaris also jokes about being the leader of the Avengers in the trailer.

The proud leader of the Eternals and he was created by the legendary Jack Kirby. He first appeared in the comic book Eternals #1 back in July 1976. The Eternals were introduced by Kirby as he wanted to bring God-like characters into the Marvel Universe. Kirby wanted to create characters who were different than the other characters, so he introduced the immortal Eternals into the universe.

4. What Is The Source Of Their Powers?

Mainly, their powers come from the ability to manipulate and harness cosmic energy. In the comics, the Eternals are able to channel energy for a myriad of purposes, with most having a special ability. But in my opinion, Marvel takes it easy for their first film and focuses on their individual abilities more. Plus, they were created by the Celestials themselves, so they’re bound to be really strong.

Let’s about some of the Eternal members and their powers. Gilgamesh uses the energy to boost his strength to insane levels and cloak himself in his durable exoskeleton. Makkari uses the energy to reach Mach speeds daily. Thena uses it to create weapons out of pure energy. The other six Eternals have powers such as telekinesis, matter manipulation, teleportation, and flight, though each one’s specialty has yet to be fully revealed.

5. Where Were They All This While?

I have to admit, I have asked the same question for a long time now. And so have the fans. Hence, their sudden reappearance has raised the most popular question – Why weren’t they involved in any of the events? Well, that is because they have strict orders from the Celestials to not meddle in any of the events unless they’re sure that the threat is too big. Like the Deviants themselves. So if they’re awake now, then that means the Deviants are coming.

6. What Is The Focus Of The Film?

There is no doubt that the world is more than hyped for Eternals. But what will the movie essentially focus on? The plot definitely remains unknown. The trailer has only revealed that the nine-member team arrives on Earth ages ago and proceeds to live their lives, blending into normal society. So I guess it includes their realization that the Deviants have found Earth, and they’re coming for it. If that’s the case, then the level of a threat after Thanos is really stepping up.

7. How Will Dane Whitman’s Black Knight Relate To Eternals?

Unanswered Questions About Eternals

The Black Knight is officially coming into the MCU, and no one but Kit Harrington is playing Dane Whitman. But unlike the titular heroes, Whitman is a mortal human. But we might have something other than a backstory. And that is a tricky love triangle. He appears to be romantically involved with one of the Eternals, Sersi. However, Sersi also appears to be involved with Ikaris.

Eternals Set Photos Reveal First look At Black Knight & Sersi

One Eternals theory could prove that it was in fact them only who created Black Knight. In the comics, the first Black Knight was Sir Percy of Scandia. He was a man who was recruited by the wizard Merlin in order to defend Camelot. He was given the Ebony Blade, a magical weapon that made him almost invincible in battle. But Marvel is known to change the comic origins so that they fit better in the Cinematic Universe.

8. Why Do Their Names Sound Familiar?

I would like to tell you that most of their names based on ancient human mythologies. The implication here is that the Eternals were actually the gods from ancient mythologies. Gilgamesh is the legendary epic hero of ancient Babylon. Hence, considering his acts of strength it very well could be the Gilgamesh of the Eternals. but their spellings are a little off to maintain the difference.

Some other familiar names include Ikaris and Sersi who are characters from Greek Mythology. Thena is a straight reference to Athena who is a crucially important Greek god. And Phastos? He could be a reference to the Greek city of Phaistos or the blacksmith of the gods, Hephaestus. Plus, we know that the Eternals came to Earth when humanity was still in its early stages, and they’re very old.

9. Who Is The Most Battle-Ready Eternal?

The trailer gave us a hint that Thena has a unique connection with the cosmic energy around her. This allows her to forge any kind of weapon that she desires. Speaking of this uniqueness, Thena is the most battle-ready Eternal with her extreme knowledge of combat and weaponry. Thena will play a major role in the MCU, considering that MCU bagged Angelina Jolie for this role. She will likely be an excellent fighter and wielder of weapons for the Eternals considering her experience in action flicks like Tomb Raider, and such.

10. Who Is The Fastest Eternal?

The fastest Eternal is Makkari. Even in the trailer, we see a very small glimpse of her speed. Clocking in around Mach 3, or roughly 1,550 MPH. The other Eternals can amp up their speed much like they can amp up their strength, but Makkari is the only one that can consistently reach these speeds. Moreover, in the comics, she is the scout for the Eternals. Meaning, she is the one who finds planets for the Eternals to visit. Maybe in the movie too we will see Makkari discovering Earth?

So these were the answers to all the Unanswered questions about Eternals.

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