Why The Biggest Villain of Iron Man Was Ultron (& Not Thanos)

Iron Man is a character that leaves a strong impression on you. Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of the character in the MCU is beyond spectacular. In both, the comics & MCU, he has had a fair share of villains to his name. Villains like Obadiah Stane (Iron Man), Whiplash (Iron Man 2), and Aldrich Killian (Iron Man 3) were just a part of his simple journey to become a great superhero. Fans believe that Tony’s main villain was Thanos. However, the biggest villain of Iron Man was Ultron, and here’s why.

The Biggest Villain of Iron Man Was Ultron

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Ultron stands above the rest in terms of the impact on both the hero and Tony Stark himself. He was undoubtedly his personal biggest failure. Well, he ended up creating the mechanical menace in the MCU after all. The reason why we put Ultron above Thanos is that he is the reason why Tony changed. The creation of Ultron represents all the worst aspects of Tony Stark’s character.

If it wasn’t for Ultron and overcoming him, Tony would not have been the hero we know why. Well, the one who sacrificed it all to save them all. This makes the A.I. Iron Man’s most important villain in terms of character development as an individual and a hero. That is why I think that the biggest villain of Iron Man was Ultron and not Thanos. The latter was a reminder to Tony that he too can lose.

Here’s How Age of Ultron Made Iron Man A Villain & Hero Both

We truly saw Tony at his worse in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He refused to accept the blame for Ultron’s creation. Moreover, his disregard towards his teammates was extremely blatant. His desire to push past safety measures in order to get a closer look at alien technology proved to be fatal. Many died, and it was an event that no one forgot. He did what he thought was right, and that proved to be foolishly selfish. The vision that Scarlet Witch bestows upon Iron Man at the start of Avengers: Age of Ultron reveals to him his worst fear and sets him on a path to prevent a world that has not happened yet.

His journey throughout the MCU after Avengers: Age of Ultron is heavily focused on fixing past mistakes. His final moment in Endgame all began in Age of Ultron. Hence began the tale of a hero who was all about saving the day and considering other people on the same pedestal as him. His personality was the exact opposite in Endgame as compared to Age of Ultron. If it wasn’t for Ultron, his biggest mistake, Tony would not make amends to himself.

Journey Of Iron Man After Ultron

The MCU let Tony redeem himself for being a villain on certain occasions, and the biggest is Ultron. Throughout the Infinity Saga, he reflects on his own mistakes. His appearance in Captain America: Civil War very much shows his desire to make amends for Sokovia. Later on, his Spider-Man: Homecoming appearance featured him telling Peter that he wanted him to do better than Tony in entirety.

If it wasn’t for Ultron and his failure with this project, he would continue to believe that he is superior and is always right. The arrogance and brashness that dominated his journey up until that point was right in the face of the viewers. But after Ultron, Tony changed. He finally went on to start his family with Pepper Pots, and sort of accepted his failures. He realized that he has to make the world a better place, and ended up giving the biggest sacrifice of the MCU.

The lesson that began with Ultron was reinforced by his encounter with Thanos and was concluded there. Age of Ultron was the turnaround event for Tony. And let’s not forget the MCU did not compromise with his character development at all through the final scene of Tony in Endgame. In conclusion, the biggest villain of Iron Man was Ultron.

Source: Screen Rant

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