Venom 2: What Are The Powers & Abilities of Carnage?

Venom: Let There Be Carnage has finally begun its marketing campaign and we’re truly excited about what it has to offer us. After the first Venom outing, this one seems to be a worthy sequel. And we already know that Carnage is going to be a much better villain than Riot was. That’s because firstly, Woody Harrelson is playing the part. He just takes the spotlight away in almost every film. Secondly, Carnage is a much bigger, and dangerous villain than any other Symbiote. So as the title suggests, he is going to carry this sequel on his own shoulders. But what truly excites me for the sequel are the powers & abilities of Carnage.


Venom 2 totally nails the design of Carnage. He is sleekier than Venom, and he can create several weapons at once. This murderous symbiote has always been superior to Venom in terms of strength, and the other skills that he possesses. So, we’re quite excited to see him showcase his prowess in the upcoming film. As far as the powers & abilities of Carnage are concerned, director Andy Serkis has revealed what we are going to see in Venom 2.

Carnage Powers

Powers & Abilities of Carnage

During a recent interview with IGN, Serkis specifically revealed what Carnage can do. He said:

He can turn to mist. He can turn to all manner of tendrils. He can take different forms. He can weaponize, he can do all of these different things. With all symbiotes, they reflect the person who is their host. So the darkness of Carnage, the playfulness, the wit, the strangeness. Cletus has a real intelligence and… a real sense of humor, and we wanted to reflect that in the symbiote that is linked to him.

Carnage and Shriek

Venom is really going to have a tough time in his next battle as not only will he have to take on a far more superior symbiote, but he’ll also have to fight another villain. The Venom sequel is bringing in Naomi Harris as Frances Barrison/Shriek. In the comics, she becomes the lover of Cletus Kasady. Here, we could at least expect her to team up with Kasady. One of Venom’s two major weaknesses is high-frequency soundwaves. And because Shriek can project these high-frequency sound waves, Venom might be in a dire need of help.

As the trailer showed us, Shriek is being held at the Ravencroft Institute. Andy Serkis talked about how she fits into the film. He said:

“She’s a damaged soul and she really has suffered in her childhood, but there is a real vulnerability about her, and she’s in a lot of pain… She’s been living in isolation for years, years, and years. She’s dangerous too and I think she has her own sense of fairness and being just, and I think when that line is crossed, then you see a very, very dangerous, dark side to her, and that’s what we wanted to do with the character.”

The Cast

Carnage and Shriek

So, it will be interesting to see what her true dark side is, and how Eddie and Venom manage to take her on especially when Carnage is involved as well. Venom: Let There Be Carnage arrives on September 24. Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris, Reid Scott, & Stephen Graham.

Are you excited to see the powers & abilities of Carnage come to life?

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