10 Most Shocking Revelations in The MCU Movies

Shocking Revelations in The MCU Movies:

MCU movies have shocked even Marvel readers with their plots. Even though the films and characters are based on Marvel Comics, the movie franchise has added its own creativity in the movies. The element of surprise engages both Marvel readers and moviegoers. It’s the mind-blowing special effects, a-list cast, plot, comedy, and suspense that have kept the viewers hooked to all the 23 MCU movies. There are so many times when a plot twist dropped our jaws. No matter how hard fans try to build theories, they will always be surprised by the end. Let us find out the 10 biggest and the most shocking revelations in the MCU.

 1. HYDRA’S Infiltration

Captain America: Winter Soldier left our jaws dropped on several occasions, from Winter Soldier’s identity of Bucky to HYDRA’S secret mission. Even though the comic book readers knew about Bucky’s return, the moviegoers were gasped in surprise. However, what the fans didn’t see coming was S.H.I.E.L.D getting compromised at the hands of HYDRA. The former is usually seen as the founder and the glue of the Avengers. So we took a long time to process the news of the top agents secretly working for HYDRA.

 2. Red Skull In Vormir

Avengers: Infinity War Red Skull
Shocking Revelations in The MCU Movies

After watching Captain America: The First Avenger, we assumed that Red Skull was destroyed by the Tesseract and that the villain was gone for good. But MCU had different plans all along and dropped the bomb over us in Avengers: Infinity War. Not only was Red Skrull alive and roaming around in Vormir, but he also became a whole new calm entity who was protecting the Soul Stone. We wonder how Captain America would have reacted on seeing his nemesis while returning the Soul Stone.

 3. Quill’s Mother Was Killed By His Father

Peter Quill aka Star-Lord of Guardians of the Galaxy never got to know his biological father until decades later in the second installment. Though we were dubious about Ego, while he and his son were bonding over, no one saw the bomb that was going to be dropped later. Ego, the planet was not only a power-hungry celestial entity but a sinister character who had killed his love and Quill’s mother.

 4. Tony Stark’s Parents Killed by Winter Soldier

Civil War took a whole new level when Iron Man learned that Captain America’s best friend, Bucky Barnes killed his parents. Bucky was always shown as the nice guy and Roger’s BFF until he was kidnapped and brainwashed by HYDRA.

But no one expected him to be the murderer of Tony’s parents. Tony Stark was the rational guy throughout the movie until he saw the footage of the night his parents were murdered. That’s the most insane and savage version of Iron Man that we ever saw.

 5. Peter Parker’s Date Was Vulture’s Daughter

Shocking Revelations in The MCU Movies
Shocking Revelations in The MCU Movies

In Tom Holland’s first Spider-Man fought the Vulture in his first standalone, Spider-Man: Homecoming. While Vulture was a popular villain from Spidey’s universe, no one saw what the studio had planned for the movie. Spider-Man and Vulture’s enmity was already established when young Peter Parker decided to take a break from his hero life and attend his high school prom.

It was an amazing twist when the kid walked right into Vulture’s residence only to find that he was the father of Peter’s date. That’s when the hero learned Vulture’s real identity as a common man.

 6. Thanos Was The Big Bad In The Avengers

While the mighty Avengers were reveling after the battle with Loki and the Chitauri in New York, fans were dropped with a big bomb in the post-credits. After Thanos made in his first and surprising appearance in The Avengers, Marvel comic readers understood that a bigger battle was on its way. It was one of the biggest revelations as that’s when we learned about the mastermind.

 7. Thor’s Beer Belly

Over the years, we have drooled over Thor’s abs and crazy biceps! He motivated many fans out there to work out and get even 1% of his sharp cuts. No one had ever imagined seeing the God of Thunder with a beer belly. But to be frank, that’s the closest most of us felt to the Marvel God.

 8. Fake Mandarin

Shocking MCU Twists

Mandarin is one of the biggest and most savage villains of the comics. Fans were eagerly anticipating his debut in Iron Man 3 after the announcement. But not only was his presence cut short to one movie but the whole existence of the villain was reduced to a joke. MCU played the readers by presenting the Mandarin as no one but a struggling actor named Trevor who was hired to Aldrich Killian. When the studio realized that this surprise wasn’t taken well by the fans, they rectified it with an extended video of Thor: The Dark World. It showed that Trevor was abducted by the real Mandarin who wasn’t happy with Trevor’s actions.

 9. When Volstagg Mentions The Infinity Stones

It was hinted since Captain America: The First Avenger that the first phases of MCU would revolve around the Infinity War. The plot of The Avenger running on the Tesseract and the cameo of Thanos in the post-credits cemented the theory further. However, MCU builds the storyline movie by movie every year, making it hard to guess the main villain of the phase. But when Volstagg and Lady Sif deliver the Aether to the Collector and Volstagg addresses the Tesseract and the Aether as Infinity Stones, fans couldn’t believe their ears.

 10. The Truth About Skrulls

Spider-Man: Far From Home Villains

Captain Marvel was all about her fight against the Skrulls. Most of us assumed it to be the stepping stone towards the Secret Invasion storyline. We couldn’t have guessed in our wildest dreams that MCU would reveal the Skrulls as the good guys who were tormented by the Kree.

The blow hit harder with the post-credits of Spider-Man: Far From Home. I could legit hear the whole theatre gasp when it was revealed that Nick Fury and Maria Hill were the shape-shifting Skrulls throughout the film.

Did we miss out on any more revelations? Let us know!

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