10 Popular Fan Theories About Wolverine That Could Be True

The X-Men franchise made its debut in 2000. There was a trilogy in this franchise centered on the character Wolverine. Wolverine is a character that is known for his fighting skills, the claws, and the anger that he shows towards his enemies. Played by Hugh Jackman, the actor retired from the role in 2017. But fans have various theories related to the character. Let’s have a look at a few fan theories about Wolverine that could be true:

1. ‘Logan’ was made in a timeline where Logan and Yukio went back to the X-Mansion after ‘The Wolverine’ 

Redditor u/Animation_Bat points that in the final scene of The Wolverine, James Mangold removed that part where Wolverine gets his costume since it did not line up with Days of Future Past. Logan is dropped off somewhere and he is later recruited to fight the Sentinels. Yukio’s prediction about Logan’s death is that scene where Logan temporarily dies pulling off the healing suppressing robot from his heart.

2. Alcohol killed Logan

Redditor u/Ranchking91 states that Logan’s climax revealed that a shadow government is slipping the mutant gene suppressing drugs into gluten-based products. So it’s clear that age was not killing Wolverine. It was alcohol. He might have been on a gluten-free diet after he got back his powers. But he took on the habit of hard-drinking. The alcohol had X-gene suppressants. He felt like it was to get drunk and maybe for the first time in his life.

3. Jean Valjean was Wolverine’s ancestor and a mutant

Jean Valjean survived hard labor in a prison for around 20 years. Valjean was born in 1760s and Wolverine in 1880s. The main trait of mutants is that the same powers pass on to their children. Valjean does not have any recorded blood children. But he goes to jail at 28 for stealing to feed his nephew. It indicates that he might have some illegitimate children before going to prison.

4. Wolverine’s grief was a psychological imprint

Fan theories about Wolverine

When she died, Jean implanted her personality into Logan’s mind. Phoenix as well as Jean had the motivation to do this. Jean would have done it to survive and Phoenix would have done it to punish him for killing her. Wolverine’s dreams allow him to communicate with Jean but it also causes him a lot of distress. So she is a blessing as well as a curse. The dreams replicate her personality and Wolverine gets to have actual conversations with her.

5. X-Men’s continuity changes because of Logan and Kitty

Kitty can send anyone’s consciousness back into their past body. Wolverine travels back in time and this happens more than one time. Wolverine has been through a lot and so he is the only one who can correct things. This causes memory issues in Wolverine. It also brings an extra layer of sadness to Logan. Professor X killed Kitty in the incident that wiped out all the mutants. But now Logan cannot go back and fix the past.

6. Wolverine smokes cigars to have control over his mutation

One of Wolverine’s unique abilities includes the heightened sense of smell. Logan can be seen smoking cigars. They have a pungent odor. It helps him to ignore the other smells he interacts with every day so that his mutant powers don’t crank up to 11. Some good examples here can be getting stuck in a new car, stepping foot in god poop, and driving through a freshly painted paper mill.

7. Wolverine gets high when he heals

According to Marvel comics, the characters having the ability to heal feel the effects of alcohol and other drugs. So the same applies to Wolverine. He enjoys it when his body heals. This is the reason why we have seen him smoking and drinking most of the time. The drugs cannot affect his pleasure in comparison to his natural healing factor. He feels higher when he gets more injured in a fight.

8. Wolverine is more sensitive to pain

Fan theories about Wolverine

We have seen Wolverine getting healed when he is shot or struck by someone. He growls when he heals. But it is really hard to believe that he does not get much affected by the pain. Wolverine’s body returns to homeostasis. The callus of our skin heals over time so Wolverine should actually heal instantly. So the thing is that Wolverine might be able to heal. But in an actual sense, he is the one person in this world who is sensitive to pain.

9. Wolverine kills X-men as an act of mercy

Logan implied that Xavier killed the X-Men because of his old age and mind. But we never got to know why he resents Wolverine. The theory here is that it is true that Xavier’s attack almost killed the X-Men. But the damage was done and it was irreversible. So Wolverine killed every X-Men by himself to end their suffering. Xavier might have been against this and this leads to his resentment against Wolverine.

10. The Super Soldier Serum is made from Logan’s blood

Wolverine volunteered and fought in various wars during World War I. It is possible that maybe his blood was taken for transfusion and scientific purposes in an Army hospital in Germany. Dr. Erskine may have studied it and saw the solution for immunization, accelerated healing, and de-accelerated aging. Then between 1918 and 1939, he used it to make the Super Soldier Formula and made Super Soldiers for World War II. The formula was later used on Steve Rogers.

Which of these fan theories about Wolverine do you think could be true? Let us know in the comments.

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