WandaVision Theory: White Vision May Harbor Ultron’s Conscience

Disney’s WandaVision narrative has been a global success. Especially with the one-year unexpected break, it has come as a ray of hope. The upcoming episode 9 of the WandaVision arc seems to have built a commandeering response on the Disney+. The story is based a few weeks post the events of Avengers: Endgame and focuses on the loss that Wanda Maximoff had suffered during the said events.

The arc unfolds the harsh truth that Wanda is faced with, especially dealing with the recent loss of her brother Pietro Maximoff and the one person who meant the world to her, Vision. The narrative of the story deals with the emotional stress that Wanda seems to be suffering from and the measures she takes to cope with that stress. The arc also overshadows the implication of another intelligence agency, that has bent its rules of integrity and plans on weaponizing Stark technology.

For fans of Marvel and readers of this content, who have not yet watched the Wanda Vision. This stands as a **spoiler alert** for a multiple of those that might come in the content ahead.

The WandaVision’s latest episode’s post-credit scenes showed the arrival of a new character in the MCU, White Vision. Now according to the Marvel comics universe, White Vision is Vision’s body minus the emotion’s that he had because of the soul stone. Now as we are all aware that MCU may draw its inspiration from the Marvel Comics Universe, but their stories are much more farfetched from the actual plots in the comics. Thus, MCU’s version of the White Vision is far different from the Marvel comics and may just be someone or something completely different. It may house an altered personality of Vision, which is a good husband version to Wanda. As it was Wanda’s residual magic, that was extracted from the drone which was used to power up the new White Vision. Agreeing with everything that Wanda wishes to do and maybe even read her mind when she thinks about it.

White Vision Harbor Ultron’s Conscience
White Vision Harbor Ultron’s Conscience

Several Marvel fans, however, have a completely different hypothesis. They claim that the White Vision may just hold the conscience of the evil android creation of Stark – Ultron. Fans have stumbled on the theory, after remembering the ending scene of the Age of Ultron. Where Vision talks to the last remaining android with Ultron’s conscience and tries to tell him how he miscalculated humans. In the end, Vision is shown hitting Ultron with the power from the Mind Stone, and the rest is just lost in the bright sheen created by the mind stone. Fans have speculated that Vision could have given Ultron a mercy pardon, as he believed Ultron to be alive rather than just being created in a lab. He may have allowed Ultron to redeem himself, by going into hiding and being good for a change. While ensuring to keep a tab on Ultron himself.

Furthermore, another fan theory also suggests that before Vision had severed Ultron’s connection from the internet. Vision could have uploaded a copy of his conscience on an ominous cloud server. From where he could have downloaded his conscience into the body of White Vision as soon as they had assembled his new body. Ultron would have uploaded his conscience into the White Vision body as soon as the magic from the drone was used to power up the lifeless body of Vision. Ultron had referred to being able to elude from the Avengers and stay hidden for as long as he wanted till the time, he had a neural link connecting his mind to the worldwide web aka the internet. It is highly plausible that somehow, Ultron was able to figure out what Tyler was planning to do with Vision’s body and was waiting for him to be powered up before he took control of his new vibranium coated body.

White Vision Harbor Ultron’s Conscience
White Vision Harbor Ultron’s Conscience

The speculations from the fans about the White Vision are as vivid as the comics connection. But, do serve to plant a seed in one’s brain which sprouts the idea of Ultron’s return. Episode 9 of the WandaVision arc will be one that would be filled with action, suspense, and Thriller. No matter how many speculations the fans may come up with, the writers at MCU are certain to awe the audience. They will put all the normal speculations aside and conjure up a marvelous connection between WandaVision’s story and the rest of the Phase 4 movies in store for all the Marvel fans across the globe.

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