WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters’ Pietro Is Secretly A Mystical Being

WandaVision has all been about twists and turns. From Vision’s corpse to Monica’s interaction with Wanda, it has been one hell of a ride. The one that still tops the list is the “casting” of Quicksilver. But this Quicksilver is from the X-Men franchise, played by Evan Peters. This prompted people to believe in the concept of ‘Multiverses’.  Since then, we have come across all sorts of theories. Some even connected Evan’s Pietro to the shark in the weird ‘Yo-Magic Yogurt’ commercial. And of course, that he is Mephisto. But we have something more substantial for you. One particular theory has caught our attention. It proposes that Evan Peter’s Quicksilver is a Mystical Being.

WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters' Pietro A Mystical Being

WandaVision episode 8 told us that Wanda got her powers from an Infinity Stone. Whereas, Quicksilver (X-Men) is a mutant. Agatha Harkness explained that recasting Quicksilver was simply a way of messing with Wanda’s mind. This was done to hinder the “Happily Ever After” world. Director Matt Shakman has admitted that WandaVision’s finale episode will disappoint some fans. That’s because the theories are wild, and the show does not lean in that direction. But it still highly believed that WandaVision will introduce mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This does not mean that Evan Peter’s Pietro is a random guy or a fluke. Moreover, it is not like Agatha simply gave him super-speed powers. Quicksilver has a role in the finale. This will portray that he’s the villain and will reveal his true origins. WandaVison has heavily derived its costume from the comics. The Halloween episode made all the characters, i.e., Wanda, Vision, Billy, Tommy, and Pietro, don the looks inspired by the comics. Fans thought that the resemblance could not get any accurate than this. Later on, in episode 8, these speculations were turned feeble. We got to see a vision of Wanda wearing the costume of Scarlet Witch, truly from the comics.

WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters' Pietro A Mystical Being

A post-credit scene in episode 7 gave us a hint. Pietro and Monica shared the same screen for the very first time. The interaction was not long enough, but a subtle detail was provided with it. Quicksilver ambushes Monica Rambeau, telling her, “Snoopers gonna snoop.” Apart from this, there is a major detail here. Surprisingly, Pietro was no wearing the same clothing he wore initially. He was now donning the clothing reminiscent of a Marvel supervillain. This character is called Mordred the Mystic. However, this seems more than just a coincidence. Earlier as well, WandaVison has derived its costumes from the comics. Moreover, Agatha Harkness, who is a witch, has introduced Pietro. A possible connection can be easily made.

Mordred the Mystic is an ancient sorcerer. In his scenario, he hails from the days of King Arthur and Camelot. He lived in the Sixth Century. His mystic potential was even sensed by Merlin himself. You remember Darkhold. The same book we saw in Agatha’s basement. Mordred did not reason with Merlin. Rather, he got fascinated by a forbidden book of dark magic, Darkhold. This connection with the book left Mordred vulnerable to the Elder God named Chthon. Chthon had created the Darkhold as a way to continue exerting his influence on Earth.

Mordred was resurrected in modern times. He became Chthon’s pawn as the extra-dimensional entity sought to tear a hole in the fabric of reality. This was done in order to return to this world and conquer it. He was been one of Chthon’s most notable agents. In Dan Slott’s Mighty Avengers run, he successfully made a way for his master to return to Earth. You will now understand the connection between Mordred and Quicksilver. Mordred achieved this by swapping his body with Quicksilver, as he played directly into Mordred’s hands. This could be a precedent that WandaVision might be exploring.

WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters' Pietro A Mystical Being

Agatha has referred to Wanda’s power as “Chaos Magic“. This is really important in the comics. This rare form of magic allows one to reshape reality and create anything spontaneously. In the comics, Chthon himself has the power of “Chaos Magic”, and he imbued Scarlet Witch with it as a part of his plan to invade Earth. Every time Scarlet Witch uses her power, the ‘fabric of reality’ weakness. In the end, Chthon tells his agents to bring back Scarlet Witch to a nexus of dark magic. He wanted to possess her. But Chthon has underestimated the strength of Wanda’s humanity. Fortunately, she overcame this influence.

Mordred is even considered as close to a potential Sorcerer Supreme. Also, he can tap into Chthon’s Chaos Magic himself. If Evan Peter is playing Mordred the Mystic, then clearly he has a much bigger role. Agatha claims that she brought Pietro into the play. But Mordred is resistant to the magic of others. Consequently, he could be having his own agenda. If referring to the comics, it could be simple – unleashing Chthon.

WandaVision Theory: Evan Peters' Pietro A Mystical Being

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