5 Times Spider-Man Has Beaten Major Superheroes

In the world of comics, it is hard to predict clashes between the superheroes and we don’t get a definitive answer. In the world of comic books, the superhero clash explicitly depends on the person who is writing the story and the fan debates are endless and complex until the crux of the story surfaces up. One of the superheroes with such an interesting background is the web-slinging Spider-Man. He may not have god-like powers, but he stands above most of the famous superheroes. Moreover, he has beaten several superheroes. We bring you five superheroes he has beaten in the comic book world.

 1) Wonder Woman


DC and Marvel have worked on several junctures and one of them is Spiderman and Superman comics. In the story, both the superheroes together take on Doctor Doom which also incorporates other characters like The Hulk and Wonder Woman. Since it is impossible to see clashes between two comics book worlds, eventually the characters fight with Spider-Man, where he faces off Wonder Woman. The evil Doom tries to convince them they both were archenemies of each other. As Wonder Woman tries to catch Spider-Man through her lasso, Spider-Man kills the lasso light by beating her.

2) Falcon

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Sam Wilson, also dubbed as Falcon, is one of the Captain America’s allies. He once decided to take on one of the Marvel’s iconic character Spider-Man. Falcon wanted to become a superhero by taking down Spidey. During the fight, Spider-Man made Falcon conscious and later captured him. Well, this time it was easy.

3) Iron Man


Now this one is from Marvel’ Civil War storyline. At one point, Iron Man and Spider-Man exchanged blows. Things were quite ok until Spider-Man changed his heart. Before they began, Tony Stark had given Peter Parker a special suit with enhanced techniques like Iron Man suit. Stark was already prepared. As Spider-Man begin to hit Stark, Stark disabled Parker’s suit through his voice command and used the override technique judiciously. But later, Parker figured it out and changed the command to make it operational according to himself. And then Spider-Man got the Iron Man webbed and beat him.

4. Hulk

Spiderman has used several tricks to outwit his opponents with greater strength. But defeating Hulk with his bare hands is something nobody can’t digest. This time he had no way but to face-off Hulk without assistance. Spidey once possessed cosmic god-level powers which enhanced his physiology and overall strength giving him more powers. The time Hulk began to thrash nearby properties, Spider-Man literally punched him into space. What ? Into space?

5. Luke Cage


Norman Osborne’s death had a lot to do with Spidey as he lost one of his close members in the incident. But Norman’s son Harry thought of taking up the role of his father and persuaded J. Jonah Jameson against Spidey. In order to give Spidey a piece of his mind, Jameson assigned Luke Cage to check the whole scene. During the first encounter, Cage missed Spider-Man, but in the second turn, Spider-Man webs him against the wall to discuss the issues.

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