Thanos Proves Why Druig is a Hero (Not the Villain Everything Thinks He is)

We were introduced to the characters from Eternals quite recently in the MCU. Even though the movie ended up having a divided reception it was a rather unique interpretation of the narrative from the comics. There was a lot of material in the movie that was taken from comics lore but at the same time, there were some new elements that haven’t always been there. One of the most interesting changes in the movie has to be the change in the character of Druig from Marvel. Even though he appears to be the good amongst the Eternals, he has a completely different evil persona in the comics. A recent issue from Marvel comics sees Thanos proving why Druig is a hero after all.


Druig has an arc in the comics that have seen him doing some of the worst possible things as a villain. Much of this is because the character has one of the most essential powers that can be used to cause chaos, mind control. This is not even his only power as he has an immortal soul and thus he has been resurrected various times. Amongst the worst things he has done has to include the part of the arc that links him with his father. With the inability to get appreciation from his father, he ended up resenting his father and thus stayed away from him.


There was a particular moment where the character ended up brainwashing the other Eternals. This was also linked with the fact that he hadn’t realized his full potential until he ended up doing this. Considering all the mayhem he had caused in the comics over the years, fans expected him to have a somewhat similar arc in the movie too, but that wasn’t the case. Barry Keoghan’s rendition of the character was good and even created his own society that didn’t depend on the technological advancements that the world had gotten accustomed to.


Druig Is For The Good!!

In Eternals: The Heretic #1, from Kieron Gillen, Ryan Bodenheim, and Edgar Salazar, the story is continued from the Eternals arc. Here we see Thanos has become the Prime Eternal. Thanos had been motivated to kill destroy Earth in order to kill the Eternals and Druig gave him the idea. While the character of Druig went in the manner fans of the comics have been used to by betraying the other Eternals, he ended up having an interesting development somehow. When Thanos confronts Uranos, we discover that Druig is a hero we had no idea about.


According to the synopsis:

Thanos is now ruler of the Eternals! But believe it or not…he’s actually not the worst leader that the Eternals’ society has ever seen. No, that honor belongs to someone even more horrific. Thanos is evil, yes, but who was the original evil from whom all Eternal evils descend? Meet Uranos, the Undying. And may the Celestials have mercy on your souls.


Nearly 600 years ago, Uranos was tasked like the other Eternals to kill Deviants in order to allow the planet to develop. Uranos became aware that it is quite a poor purpose of killing away monsters and thus decides to kill all life on the planet. Now, Druig was also involved in the coalition that led to killing life on Earth but he later ends up turning on Uranos. Druig was responsible for capturing Uranos and saving life on Earth.


Why Druig is a Hero

The Eternal explains that he is neither good nor bad but just what he was programmed to be by the Celestials. There is a certain part of Druig that looks for his own self-interest and this is an aspect that he has no control over. This is why most of the time we get to see this come out as a villain, but there are times where he actually the hero too.

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