Infinity War: This Theory Explains Why Fury Did Not Call Captain Marvel All This Time

As we dawn towards a new future in the realm known to moviegoers as the Marvel Cinematic Universe one cannot help but wonder about the current storyline and future reveals of the franchise. For a long time, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been anticipating the arrival of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers on the big screen. We have heard all kinds of rumors and new information surfaces every day, why should today be any different. Take this Reddit theory by the user StrikeFirst for example.

“Let’s say Captain Marvel takes place in 1998 (we’ll find out in the movie),” StrikeFirst writes. “I would say Captain Marvel and Nick Fury get involved in all kinds of shenanigans exposing Fury to the world of Super People. She ends up leaving the earth to pursue other endeavors for lack of better wording. But before she leaves, she gives Fury the pager to contact her in case of any world-threatening issue occurs. (we can basically assume this already).”

The user starts off by describing how Captain Marvel the movie may play out. The speculation is that Carol will be the first superhero Nick Fury encounters in his career. We already know that Carol would be stuck smack in the middle of a Skrull-Kree war come, Captain Marvel, it is hence entirely possible that a young Nick Fury also finds himself in the same boat as Carol.

HELL, it is even possible that Carol and Fury had been partners for a long time. After all, before Carol became Captain Marvel in the comics. She was a legendary spy and an epic fighter pilot. Maybe Fury’s familiarity is the reason why he is so cool, calm, and collected when he first encounters Tony Stark’s Iron Man in Iron Man 2.

“You think you’re the only superhero in the world? Mr. Stark, you’ve become part of a bigger Universe you just don’t know it yet.”

All this familiarity and experience is good and all but how does it help our cause. If Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers is, in fact, an old ally then why has Fury waited so long to contact her via a pager. Well you see, the Reddit user fleshes out substantial reasons for every time you would’ve accused Fury of being lax about a threat and not calling in his biggest gun. Because Carol Danvers is (as the Russo Brothers put it) the strongest Avenger.

The Reddit users scrutinize the New York battle as the first incident where Fury might have considered calling Danvers in, the only evidence to the contrary is the fact that maybe Fury had already placed his trust in the superpowered team he had already created. This fact is further substantiated by the attitude of Fury when governmental higher-ups decide to nuke New York and kill the Chitauri along with the Avengers. The rage of Nick Fury at that point knows no bounds when a bird targets New York without his permission. But this shows that Fury, in fact, trusted the current Avengers in holding their own against Loki and his forces.

StrikeFirst also details the fact that how calling in Captain Marvel at Sokovia and at the time of Civil War would’ve been completely futile for the simple reason that the events were too fast to be caught up with. Moreover, there were already Avengers on the job. At the time of Ultron and Sokovia, Fury barely had any time to react let alone call in re-enforcements that would take god knows how long to arrive. Also, Fury had Hulk and Thor in his team during age of Ultron.

Captain Marvel Nick Fury

The Civil War was truly a filler in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only thing it accomplished was a bunch of kids dressed up as superheroes fighting in an airport hangar. It was a minor super powered skirmish, no reason for the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. to call in a cosmic powered super soldier and spy. But the snap was different. Don’t understand why? Read on to find out.

You see, by the time the snap occurs Fury has already lost all of his allies and most of his battle power. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been destroyed by a HYDRA incursion, Thor and Hulk have not been seen for years. Tony is off planet, and Captain America, Black Widow has been MIA for quite some time now. As for all the other Avengers, they are making a final stand in Wakanda. Fury also no longer has the S.H.I.E.L.D. infrastructure to support himself and now it seems like the snap has occurred and taken away what little he had. It is at this time that he thinks prudent to call in his last resort, the most powerful Avenger, Carol Danvers.

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