7 Most Unforgivable Things Done By Marvel Superheroes

Marvel is supposed to be one of the light hearted comics, still, some issues of the comics are so gruesome and dark, that it makes even the fans wonder if they’re still reading Marvel These Marvel superheroes have done awfully deeds. Here is a list of some of the most unforgivable deeds done by the Marvel superheroes:

Ant-Man – The Wife Beater

Hank Pym is known to have some issues when it comes to him. Be it him reinventing himself or being kicked out of the Avengers, Pym after feeling like a loser, started taking it out on the Wasp, who he used to beat. The Wasp one day stood for herself, showed the dude what he really was and eventually left him.

Captain America Is HYDRA

This has to be the greatest shock to all the Marvel fans out there, telling people that one of the Marvel superheroes who is Captain and has always been a HYDRA agent, not just that but also a Nazi. Fans, as well as the people in the Marvel universe, are all enraged by the decision of this editors.

Hawkeye Kills Hulk


Ulysses’s powers were something that leads to some various terrible events in the Civil War 2 storyline. One of them is a vision showing the Hulk destroying the world, which when is known by Hawkeye he tracks Hulk down and shoots him while he is in his Bruce banner form.

Hulk Kills Wolverine’s Family

In “ Old Man Logan” Hulk gang demands money from an area’s residents and kills them if they fail to pay. Wolverine was once targeted to feed hulk with the money, which old Logan was struggling to pay. Hence Hulk threatens his family and sends Wolverine away. Wolverine returns only to find out that his wife and two children have been killed because the gang was getting “bored”.

Scarlet Witch Kills All Mutants

Scarlett Witch has some issues of her own, be it the ‘House of M’ storyline or this one, “No More Mutants” in which almost kills all the mutants, no it doesn’t happen that way, but in the end it is her who dies, being impaled by Rogue who gets Wolverine’s claws.

Cyclops Kills Professor X

This might be somewhat of an argument again, but in the Dark Phoenix saga, when he tries to save his fellow mutants, Cyclops himself gets taken over by the Phoenix force, and under its influence kills Professor X, and gets into numerous fights with his earlier teammates. Not only that, he attacks humans and mutants alike with his new team.

Ares Killed By Sentry

Marvel superheroes

In the 2010 miniseries, Osborn strikes again taking control over the govt. and killing all those who oppose him. One of his allies Sentry is manipulated to take control of Asgard, where he is faced by the Olympian warrior, Ares. Both have a duel and in the end, Sentry rips Ares open leaving all his internal organs everywhere. This was too dark for Marvel’s taste.

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