Marvel Cinematic Universe: The MASSIVE Changes Made For Phase 3 And 4

Marvel officially entered its Phase 3 this year with Captain America: Civil War. The studio has been making hit after hit with its past films and it looks as though Doctor Strange will also be another success for MCU, given the positive reviews it has earned from early previews. Marvel has also been consciously making changes internally with its employees and its future films as well.


The studio had faced criticism for not including more female superheroes into its films. When Black Widow was first introduced in Iron Man 2, she immediately struck a chord with movie audiences, which even resulted in a petition for a solo movie.

The petition did not work but Marvel has slowly been making strides to include female superheroes in its future films.


Captain Marvel will be the studio’s first female superhero to have a standalone film. Ant-Man’s sequel will also be a first for Marvel, as it will feature a female superhero co-headline a film.

Captain Marvel’s script was also written by two female writers- Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) and Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy). The project is also searching for a female director to helm it.


Marvel’s television has also been trying to change their work patterns. Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg announced that the second season will be directed entirely by women. Marvel TV is developing more female lead based projects-A Runaways series is in the works for Hulu, a Cloak & Dagger show for Freeform, Brian Michael Bendis’ Scarlet series, and a New Warriors show featuring Squirrel Girl.

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This effort was brought to the forefront by Marvel Studios executive vice president of physical production Victoria Alonso. During a Women in Technology luncheon, Alonso said a “conscious change’is happening at Marvel Studios.

“We have had gender inequality for some time. It wasn’t always talked about ….  In the past year, it bubbled up and it’s no longer acceptable to women and some men. Change is needed and hopefully we can make a balanced Hollywood for the next generation. … I don’t want to be the only [woman] in the room. Our rooms should be 50/50. If any of you — men or women — can lift [women] up, we’ll all be better for it.”

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