Justice League Snyder-Cut Figures Reveal Only 1/3 Of Total Viewers Finished The Movie

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now a reality. After four years of struggling and people breaking the internet with Zack Snyder hashtags, Snyder’s Cut finally released. Many appreciated the four-hour mini-series that released on HBO Max. Snyder’s version finally became a reality, and his version is much different than 2017’s Justice League directed by Joss Whedon. Snyder had to leave the production back in 2017 due to some unfortunate events. The movie eventually flopped, and Justice League’s future in the DCEU was dicey. But many believe that Snyder saved it.

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1/3 Of Total Viewers Finished Justice League Snyder-Cut

Zack Snyder introduced a bunch of new characters and revamped the existing ones. The Flash was no more quirky. He was much more collected, and Snyder finally let Barry step into the Speed Force. Batman was more focused on faith, rather than logic. Diana was much more fierce and acute. Batman revived and chose to don the Black Suit that was really intimidating. Cyborg was allowed to hold the leash of the film for most of its parts. Steppenwolf was revisited and was made much more fierce. This comes in regards to his outfit and expressions. But most importantly, we finally got to see Darkseid, the real big bad. Desaad was also introduced in the film. This only proves that, if ever it happens, Snyder can really carry the DCEU further.

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But the main issue with the film was its run time, which was four hours. No matter how much one enjoys watching their favorite superheroes, four hours is still a lot. Hence, we find ourselves asking the question of how many people actually finished the four-hour mini-series? Well, we have the answer to that. All thanks to Samba TV’s director Jeffrey Silverman. Silverman first explained the algorithm of his analytics firm Samba TV, which counts a viewer as someone who has watched over five minutes of a film or TV show. This is much more reliable than their other rival analytical firms as they usually call someone a viewer if one tune in for a minute. But Snyder’s cut is four hours long, so how will 5 minutes of viewership decide if someone has finished the movie or not?

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1/3 Of Total Viewers Finished Justice League Snyder-Cut

Samba TV then decided to check the rate for the Snyder Cut. In total, 1.8 million households have watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League in its first week of release in the US. So when Samba TV checked the completion rate, they saw that only 1/3 of 1.8 million people have actually finished watching Snyder’s Cut. But this doesn’t mean that the other 2/3 of the half have decided not to complete the mini-series ever. As we mentioned that it is a long run time, so people have also decided to watch it in installments. Hence, we can believe that maybe in the coming week all the numbers will grow.

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Zack Snyder's Justice League

One can watch it however they like. As a surprise, some have also decided to watch it in six parts, naturally in the way Snyder has divided his mini-series. But we cannot doubt Snyder’s Cut popularity, popularity, simply because viewing figures in and of themselves aren’t a good metric here. We also find no doubts in the fact that HBO Max will particularly be monitoring the stats by themselves to see how Snyder’s Cut is doing and how many subscribers can this mini-series get.

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If we look at the data closely, then Snyder Cut has performed impressively. Snyder Cut was seen by 1.8 million households, and Wonder Woman 1984 was seen by 2.2 million households. But we have to consider that Snyder’s Cut was a remake, and WW84 was a sequel. But Snyder’s Cut managed to do something potential enough. That is, it beat The Falcon and The Winter Soldier very narrowly in the opening week of the US. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was seen by 1.7 million households. Even though it is a narrow win, it is still a win for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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1/3 Of Total Viewers Finished Justice League Snyder-Cut

The mini-series is a dream come true. After Whedon’s Justice League in 2017, the fans were severely disappointed with almost every aspect of the movie. The movie wasn’t as expected. It was too bright, the after-effects were miserable, and there was a lot more humor than necessary. It is true that a movie must have comic reliefs but to a limit. Snyder has totally revamped the entire Whedon mishap and has created something new and beautiful. But it will be safe to say that it will be some time before we actually get to see the true performance of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

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Did you enjoy Zack Snyder’s Justice League? Let us know in the comments below!

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