Avengers: Top 5 Most Romantic Moments

The Avengers films are the culmination of dozens of characters attempting to balance their lives, loves, and the need to fight in the context of their lives. The films focus on characters protecting the things that they love the most, creating some wonderful romantic moments throughout the films. Let’s take a look at the top 5 romantic moments in these films that will most probably send you to a dating site in the effort to find love.

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5. Iron Man and Pepper Potts: Avengers Infinity War

Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Pepper Potts have a complicated relationship, and in the early portions of the film, the two are together and finally engaged. Tony mentions that he had a dream that the two of them had children, and it seems as though the two are about to make some real long-term plans. This moment is so romantic because Tony had avoided long-term plans out of fear of a coming attack, and now he was willing to let down his guard and act loving towards Pepper.

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4. Vision and Scarlett Witch

vision scarlet witch

Vision and Scarlett Witch have both been off the grid and living together for a little while in Edinburgh. The two of them are some of the most powerful beings on the planet, and there they are in the city acting like a normal couple. If it was not for the sudden appearance of Thanos’ Black Order, the viewer could feel like they might live like that forever. This is a very touching moment because it shows what heroes do in their downtime: find reasons to fight.

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3. Star-Lord and Gamora

In one of the most memorable scenes of the film, Star-Lord and Gamora meet in the cockpit of the ship and begin to discuss the battles to come. Gamora knows that Thanos is going after the Soul Stone and asks Peter to make sure that he would take any steps to prevent that from happening, even though Peter does not understand the gravity of the situation. They are just about to kiss when it is revealed that Drax is standing there, watching them in their moment of tenderness. Not only did this show a growing and deep romance between Star-Lord and Gamora, it ultimately a source of levity for the crowd.

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2. Bruce Banner and Black Widow: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron asked the question: what would happen if a man who is half a burning rage machine fell in love with a former assassin? The two had a blossoming relationship that was subtle during the early bar scene when Black Widow admitted she liked the nerdy Bruce Banner. Although he expressed trepidation about dating Black Widow, the fact that she facilitates his escape at the end of the film proves that there is a mutual love between them.

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 1. Clint and Laura Barton

Avengers: The Top 5 Romantic Moments

This romantic moment between Clint and Laura Barton occurs when the Avengers are forced to go into hiding to regroup after Ultron’s rise to power. Hawkeye says that he knows a place that is far off the grid. As the door swings open at a non-description farmhouse use, it is revealed that Hawkeye has been hiding a family this whole time. His devotion to his wife and ability to protect her from the greatest threats shows that even the most ordinary Avenger can perform extraordinary feats when it comes to love.

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Although they are primarily action movies, the Avengers films do a great deal to follow up on romantic aspects of the world’s greatest heroes. Not every couple ends up happy at the end of these films, but these couples do everything they can to ensure that they survive the continued onslaughts against them.

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