Theory: Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2’s Villain

WandaVision arc seems to have set up the narrative for the upcoming movie of Benedict Cumberbatch in the MCU phase 4. The revelation of an extremely important element of the movie sets up the platform for Episode 9. Also, may decide the altercations that the story may have with the future commitments of the numerous real eases planned out in phase 4 of the MCU proposal. The WandaVision arc has already provided a crucial setup to several scenarios which have created a platform for at least one-story link. This is with Captain Marvel’s second movie release and episode 9 of the WandaVision story arc, which may just set up the events for another MCU production.

For fans who have not seen the latest Wanda Vision episode are advised to refrain from continuing ahead, because of **major spoilers** in the content.

The Wanda Vision episode 8 witnesses Agatha Harkness make her debut in the MCU. In the episode we see her take Wanda on a tour of the traumatic events that have happened in her life. To gain a deeper understanding of how Wanda can manifest such massive amounts of magic. Agatha seems extremely intrigued by Wanda and even sets up a trap to make her explain the source of her power. In the events that follow they go through all the traumatic events that Wanda had gone through in her life and she tries to understand the foundation of the source of her magic.

Agatha Harkness after going through the events of Wanda’s life concludes that she could be the ‘Scarlet Witch’. Which according to her is an extremely rare magical phenomenon to happen. Especially when the source of the power is so powerful, that it can make Wanda alter the existing reality on the whole planet as per her liking.

The Wanda Vision episode 9’s detailed emphasis on the chaos magic seems to be creating almost like a hint to a plausible explanation. The Wanda Vision episode 9 sets up a narrative that may implicate the villain for the Doctor Strange 2 movie. Agatha’s reference to Wanda Maximoff possibly being the ‘Scarlet Witch’ and Agatha’s knowledge of the dark magic. May just explain her interest in Wanda’s power and her being aware of a prophecy which is mention in the ‘DarkWorld’, which might come true very soon.

Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2's Villain
Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2’s Villain

Agatha Harkness’s interest in Wanda seems to have intensified as if she kind of knows or relates to the purpose Wanda may have been born. Agatha’s knowledge of the ‘DarkWorld’ seems to have crossed the boundaries of knowledge which are not even there in the book. She on her search for finding the source of Wanda’s power may have unknowingly tripped over a prophecy that might have given her a new idea of a way of increasing her dark powers.

Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2's Villain
Chaos Magic Sets Up Doctor Strange 2’s Villain

Well in the comics Chaos magic has been referenced to the Chthon who is an elder. He was cast off by his fellow elders into the realm of darkness for having practiced dark arts and endangering the life of people on planet earth. Chthon has been known to leave a part of his essence in a place which is near somewhere to middle eastern Europe somewhere in the vicinity of Mount Wundagore, Mount Wundagore is extremely close to the city of modern-day Sokovia or the time when Wanda was born. Chances are that Chthon may have sensed a latent power in Wanda during her birth and decided to mark her as his vessel for human embodiment.

If the above-mentioned scenario is the case, then we might see Chthon make an appearance in WandaVision episode 9. Then he may well be the antagonist that Doctor Stephen Strange might have to face off in the second sequel of the Doctor Strange franchise. In another speculation, the above manifestation of chaos magic may just be harnessed by Agatha Harkness to reincarnate someone entirely else. We have known from the comics that Agatha Harkness leads several stories with Mephisto. She may just have figured a way to use Wanda’s raw chaos magic in a systematic way to manifest Mephisto back onto the human realm. As he seems extremely weakened by an event to do so. Agatha may just use Wanda’s kids to blackmail Wanda into using her magic to resuscitate Mephisto into the human realm. So that she can again reign over the general populace of earth with the help of Mephisto’s minions. Which he might be able to summon from hell by using Wanda’s chaos magic.

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