10 Amazing TV Shows That Never Get Boring

Netflix is a place where you can find hundreds of TV shows and movies. But are all the shows worth your time? which are the shows which are worth watching and that get never boring? To answer these questions, we have listed some shows which are available on Netflix. You can watch these shows on a boring day or weekend as they will certainly make you feel amazing. Below listed are some of the TV shows that never get boring.

The Office

The first episode of the series ‘The office’ was released in the year 2005. There is a total of 201 episodes. There is a never-ending competition between the American ‘The Office (2005) and Britisher ‘The office (2001)’. Honestly, both are amazing in its own way. The original office had a shorter run as compared to the American one. The American Office takes the premise and mockumentary style from its UK counter-part, but with a different cast.

It stars Steve Carrell as Michael Scott, who is responsible to manage the office of lovable yet strange employees. There is slight difference in the American style of ‘The Office’ and it also has a complete Nine seasons which allows us to how love, friendship and relationship develop over time.  

One Tree Hill

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

The first episode of the series ‘One tree Hill’ was released in the year 2003.  This series is about two brothers and their friends in the small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina. There a total of Nine seasons and there is a guarantee of an endless rollercoaster. This show never gets boring as there is something about the show that makes you feel the emotions of the characters.

The characters of the show are amazing and well fitted. The entire cast in the show is able to deliver their part successfully. They are raw and natural. You can never get tired watching this show as you will connect with the characters well.

Gilmore Girls

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

The first episode of the series ‘Gilmore Girls’ was released in the year 2000. The series is about a small town and Mother-daughter bond, how they rise with each show you see. There are lots of witty remarks, smart sarcasm and endless such moments where you can not stop falling in love with the characters. It’s one of the best shows on Netflix. It just makes you happy every time you watch it.

As said above the show is about dedicated single mother and hardworking daughter, their intelligent minds and their lovely bond. This show will never get boring rather it becomes more and more interesting with each episode.


FriendsNetflix Series That You Can’t Stop Watching

The first episode of the series ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ was released in the year 1994. Yes, it’s a bit old but the effect it still has on our generation will never has no end. Who hasn’t watched this amazing series? If you haven’t then you must watch as it is definitely going to the best decision of your life.  You will fall in love with the characters.

This is another show that no matter how many times you watch the series, you fall in love every time. It’s such a great feeling to watch all the characters do stuff which is so amusing. They can make a bad day turn into a good one with their remarks. This series is a must if you haven’t already watched it.

Grey’s Anatomy

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

The next on the list comes, Grey’s Anatomy. It is an incredibly famous show. The cast of this series is amazing and they perfectly fit their roles. It’s an addictive show with an interesting storyline, drama, and comedy. The show offers lessons to its viewers, not many shows are able to do that.  It’s the story about the Surgical interns and their supervisors who start a medical journey where they become part of heart-warming and extremely sad stories and make life-changing decisions in order to become the finest doctors ever.

Breaking Bad

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

Breaking Bad’s first season came in the year 2008.  This amazing series has the modern Pablo Escobar, Walter white in it. it’s the story about a character who is completely fed up with his boring life and after receiving a Cancer diagnosis, he finally decides to make a major change in his lifestyle. He was a simple school professor, he uses his perfect chemistry knowledge to produce the best Crystal Meth anyone has ever seen. In order to sell his self-made product, Walter approaches a drug seller.

  And together they build a huge drug empire. The series is loved by millions of people around the world because of perfect acting, great visuals, amazing sounds, and a superb story. If you are a Narcos lover then you must watch this show as it’s meant for you.


The first episode of the series ‘Parenthood’ was released in the year 2010. The series is about a family who lives together and struggles with finding a solution to their problems. It’s one of the most realistic show ever. The characters are so down to earth that you will surely relate to them as they discuss the real-life problems. There some sort of connection that you will feel when you see this series. You will feel like you are the part of the family. It’s a positive show that you must watch as there are not many shows that are so realistic that it makes you feel like home.

Happy Endings

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

The first episode of the series ‘Happy endings’ was released in the year 2011.  It’s an American sitcom which is highly entertaining. It’s a comedy show with amazing characters. The writing and the direction are amazing. If you are looking for something light, then you must watch this show as it will not disappoint you.

Mad Men

The first show of the series ‘The mad man’ was released in the year 2007. There is a total of 92 episodes.  It’s a story about a creative director of an ad agency in New York. He is trying had to balance his personal and professional life in the 1960s. it shows the life of the employees of the ad agency. It’s a super amazing show with brilliant actors and amazing writers. The show has won many awards including Sixteen Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe awards.

The Wire

TV Shows That Never Get Boring

It’s an American drama series whose first episode was released in the year 2002. It is a show about a detective whose name is James Mcnulty and his team. They investigate crimes and try their best to solve the gap that exists between the drug kingpins and the law enforcement agencies of the country. The five seasons of this how are available on Amazon Prime. It’s an amazing show as the story will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the show. The characters are brilliant and so is the direction.

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