Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer: 10 Biggest Story Reveals

Marvel recently released their trailer for The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, which is Disney+’s TV series at the 2021 Super bowl event at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, United States. The trailer cracks some major easter eggs and hints of what might the fans expect from 2021’s Falcon & the Winter Soldier series coming up in March 2021. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4 was delayed due to the pandemic, but it seems that 2021 would be a great year for all Marvel fans across the globe. Marvel Studios is trying to make up the time lost last year by releasing multiple Marvel Cinematic Universe series this year and they already started with the WandaVision arc, which has proven to be a tremendous success.

Marvel & Disney have long used the Super bowl platform to announce their flagship releases of the year and this year they showed their fans a 2-minute trailer of their upcoming series and by the sound of the cheers we bet that the fans are more excited than ever before, so let’s get into it.

Falcon & Winter Soldier Team Up

The trailer starts with what Sam Wilson knew as Falcon & Bucky Barnes also known as Winter Soldier being de-briefed about a mission they might have gone together on and by the very first looks of their body language, both of them seem too unhappy about something. This is revealed in the very next scene where we see Falcon jumping out of a Hercules C-63 carrier plane, on being asked by bucky about the plan to execute the mission they tagged along for.

Avengers: Infinity War Theory Thanos

The scene is kind of comedic as the director is trying to pull the strings of tension between Sam & Bucky because last we remember Steve handing over the vibranium shield to Sam. But, in terms of experience bucky seems to have an upper hand. So, the struggle we see is the struggle of two alpha males trying to establish their dominance.

The City of Madripoor

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals
Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals

In the scene, we are shown a glimpse of a futuristic city, that according to the Marvel comics maybe the city of Madripoor which is a fictional island in the Marvel Cinematic Universe situated in the Strait of Malacca between Singapore & Sumatra. The plot lands Falcon & The Winter Soldier as the next mission to this island which is the hotspot for some of the most vicious criminal organizations of the world. The island is also known to house many mutants who act as the last line of defense in the city to keep a check on the criminal activities happening in the city. Also, it is a mission that looks has been assigned by S.W.O.R.D (Sentient World Observation and Response Department) or at least we think it is after the events of Westview in WandaVision.

The return of Zemo

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Description

So, at last, we will not be seeing the last of Daniel Bruhl as the infamous Baron Zemo, who in the Avengers: Civil War almost split the avengers into two separate groups. But, unlike the comic fans were left disappointed when in Civil War we could never see Zemo with his signature purple face mask, but it looks like Civil War was just the introduction for the villain and we will see the return of the infamous Baron Zemo in the Falcon & The Winter solider. Baron Zemo is seen holding the iconic mask and it could not have been a much better time to reintroduce the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe narrative.

The Unfinished Mission

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals

In the trailer, we see a person resembling Baron Zemo stand in front of a Sokovian memorial which has a Sokovian inscription that translates to ‘A sign in memory of…’. As we are made aware towards the end of the Civil War epilogue that Zemo lost his family in the tragedy that befell the Sokovian region in the Age of Ultron.

Zemo had vowed to get rid of all the superheroes, which he almost was able to achieve in the Civil War sequel, and now has somehow returned in this phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to take his vengeance. With the world already brooding over the loss of some heroes, Zemo seems to be taking advantage of the chaos and plans on wreaking havoc to get rid of the remaining superheroes.

Terrorist Group

In the Falcon & The Winter Solider saga, Baron Zemo does not seem to the only enemy of the state. A part of the trailer is shown showcasing a group that wears the mask of the infamous Flag-smasher terrorist group, whose leader opposes everything that Captain America stood for.

The terrorist leader is opposed to nationalism and launches a plethora of attacks against the state which he claims to be called the “Symbols of World Separatism”. The trailer shows that the terrorist is a girl rather than a guy and is a formidable opponent who even seems to have the winter soldier on the ropes.

Captain America’s Shield

In the aftermath of the Endgame, we see Steve passing through the quantum tunnel to return the stones in the possible past and in doing so never returning to the normal time to spend a life with Peggy Carter. In the final scenes, we see Steve hand over the mantle of Captain America to Sam Wilson.

Now in the reality, the Avengers report to the world government of Captain America’s demise during the final battle with Thanos, to keep the time-traveling equipment a secret to avoid any further changes to the past by the involvement of the government. The government does not wish to pass the mantle of Captain America to the Falcon and wish to have their contender for the title, which is why Sam Wilson is in his Air force uniform holding the shield in his hand as being asked to give it up.

Return of Sharon Carter

In the trailer, we see the return of Sharon Carter or Agent 13, who according to the comic book storyline has been sent undercover in the city of Madripoor to infiltrate the two groups who are in a turf war over the rights to the city.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals
Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals

In the trailer, Sharon Carter is seen intercepting Sam & Bucky during their siege in the city and another scene seems to battle a group of gang members all by herself. Whatever it may be her return signifies a bigger plot in play.

Falcon’s New Upgrade

Sam Wilson may have had to give up Steve Roger’s shield, but he seems to have had received a new set of indestructible falcon wings which seems like a major improvement from the previous ones.

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals
Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals

One such example of this instance is a scene where you seen him using the wings as a bulletproof shield. To this man would say that he could do the same at the beginning of the Age of the Ultron movie where he shields himself from the enemy attack while launching a counter. Then you would also be surprised to see in the trailer that in one particular scene he is seen flying under two trailers just centimeters above the ground whilst maintain his flight and not breaking a sweat. This shows the flight capabilities of his winged suit has comparatively improved than the last time.

Sam Master’s the Captain America Shield

In one particular sequence, Sam is seen practicing with the vibranium shield while he seems to throw the shield at the bark of a tree in an attempt at what seems to his attempt of mastering the shield. The shield forever has been a piece of controversial equipment which in Steve Roger’s hands seems to defy the laws of physics.

Avengers: Endgame Marvel

No one can deny that Captain had a mastery of the shield-like no other and this explained in his fight against Thanos, where the Captain with the use of the Shield and Mjolnir brings the mad titan Thanos to his knees by hitting him with the shield and the hammer from all possible angles. Sam in the short clip is shown to master some aspect of the shield but whilst throwing the shield, instead of the shield returning to Sam gets stuck in the bark of the tree. In the scene that follows Bucky is seen catching the shield apparently from a throw which did to show Sam how the shield managed to return to the Captain.

Staring Contest

Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals
Falcon And The Winter Soldier Story Reveals

At the end of the trailer, we see that Sam & Bucky during the debrief while facing their demons and sharing their expertise of the field, fail to emerge as team players when it came to letting the other take charge of the mission and during the debrief things start getting really out of hand. During the debrief of their recent mission, Sam and Bucky were seen like a dysfunctional duo who were having issues confronting each other. The lady in charge of the debrief seems to be also evaluating the psychological validity of Sam & Bucky working together and during an exercise which was supposed to help them open up to each other turns into a staring competition, which eventually the proctor of the debrief had to budge in and stop them from having it before things turned ugly.

Falcon & Winter Soldier
Falcon & Winter Soldier

The trailer for Falcon & The Winter Soldier seems to have a lot of promise and seems to be the perfect build-up for whatever the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planning next and all that we the fans of MCU can do is wait and watch as the events in the phase 4 unfold.

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