WandaVision Plots That Fans Should Look Out For

Disney’s latest reveal on the Wanda Vision season 1 with currently 4 episodes and the trailer out for the 5th episode, seems to have taken the Marvel fans by storm. The much-awaited plot seems to be have started with an endearing reality of Wanda also known as the Scarlet Witch and Vision, who was created by Ultron in the movie ‘The Age of Ultron’, who along with Ultron’s indestructible body was imbued with the power of one of the infinity stones aka the Mind Stone.

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Wanda & Vision seems to be in an alternate reality where Wanda wishes to have a peaceful family life with Vision (Yes, we know Vision is dead), that is why I mentioned an alternate reality. Wanda is living or has trapped herself in an illusion where everything is hunky-dory. But, the reality is far from the truth. So, without further ado let’s jump right in and discover the plots that fans can expect to unravel in the oncoming episodes. Also, there might be a few spoiler alerts for fans who have still not watched the episodes.

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Yes, you guessed it right there is another secret facility initiated by Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury who after losing Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division aka S.H.E.I.L.D to HYDRA was forced to shut down its operation and start over and so, he started a new organization called Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division aka S.W.O.R.D. This new organization has at its helm Darcy Lewis from the Thor series who was an assistant working with Jane Foster & Erik Selvig as the main research & analysis assistant trying to keep a tab of what was happening in Westview where the events unfold in the series.

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Agnes’S Mysterious Husband

Avengers: Endgame Red Skull

Agnes is one of the residents of the Westview and in the comic series the right hand to the Devil of the marvel universe Mephisto. The common reference of Ralph as her husband and the non-existence of Ralph in Wanda’s alternate reality may give rise to several oncoming conspiracies or plots. But, again nothing is confirmed yet and Wanda’s alternate reality seems to be craving for family time with a vision and maybe even have offsprings. Well yes, I know that Vision is an android and that might not be possible, but who knows what can happen in Wanda’s alternate reality.

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The 70S Sitcom

At the beginning of episode 1, we can see the opening of marvel in a colored pattern and slowly shifting to a black and white monochrome setup with the audio changing to an audio setup in old television sets. Also, seen in episode 2 is a starting of the episode similar to the Bewitched sitcom of the 1970s’ and just like Samantha in Bewitched where she twitches her nose to do magic or cast spell. In WandaVision we can see Wanda snapping her fingers to getting things done in a snap.

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Vision’s eye close up at the end of credits

By episode 4 you would notice vision acting all up and during the credits scenes, you would see him pulling out the same body language as if trying to hide it from Wanda that he knows that everything around them is an illusion. But, does not want to directly face the conjurer of the illusion, afraid of a much dire circumstance, if the truth is revealed to Wanda who wishes to stay in this alternate pot reality that she has created.

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Time Is Irrelevant

Doctor Strange Thanos Time Stone

Throughout the series, we can see that time tends to speed up with each passing episode. From the Struker watch with hydra label to the ‘Toast make 2000’ from stark industries the time passes at an increasing rate as Wanda also in her pot reality moves ahead through the decades. All of the above details confirm that for Wanda time is irrelevant at this point and in her bubble of reality, she controls how it passes or Does She?

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Missing Children

For some reason, folks of the Westview town keep talking about children. But, nowhere in the background or in the story monologue can one see any children of any age. Like not even teenagers. Well, the episode unfolds this in a very clever plot, but I give you guys a hint. The episode is a take at Wanda’s alternate reality where she is supposed to be the center of attraction and does not wish to share it with anyone else, even if it means no kids.

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There are many more rundowns in these 4 episodes and will be many as the story unfolds in the upcoming episodes. So, if you wish to talk about any detail you may have come across in particular, leave your comments in the section below.

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