10 Marvel & DC Characters Who Developed An Overpowered Energy Form

Through different storylines in Marvel and Detective comics, we have witnessed some characters attain an all so powerful state that their normal bodies are often unable to sustain the outburst of the powers and are often transformed or metamorphosized into a completely different being to sustain the surge of power. In the Marvel and DC storyline, these characters often attain a level of omnipresence that transcends to the level of godly beings, who can wield this power to their bidding and in turn overwhelm their enemies and allies alike. The surge of this sudden energy may have been caused by external factors or elements or even with an internal need and feeling of being powerless in a situation which might have triggered a new sense of pushing one’s limits and attain a state of omnipresence even it meant losing oneself during the process. Here is a list of Marvel and DC characters who in the storyline developed an overpowered form.


Ulysses Klaw a terrorist threat to the Wakandan empire, was a physicist who designed a powerful sonic converter with the Wakandan vibranium as the heart of its power source that was able to generate energy blasts using sound waves. He was brought to a stop when he attempted to steal more vibranium and resulted in the death of King T’Chaka which further fueled the conflict between him and Wakanda. In a later series, he makes a larger version of the sonic device and transforms himself into a being made out of complete sound energy, making him immortal and invincible. But during this transformation, he also becomes weak against any vibranium onslaughts.

Black Lightning

Black Superheores electricity manipulation superpowers

In DC’s infinite frontier launch a new character made his appearance as Jefferson Peirce aka Black Lightning. The details of the transformations are still unknown, but somehow he can transform himself in a form that makes his entire body a living embodiment of lighting itself. The source seems to be an enchantment of the Black Magic.


X-Men Villains MCU

Kevin MacTaggart is the mutant son of Moira Kinross MacTaggart, his reality-warping abilities seemed to be extremely powerful and unstable that in a certain issue his overpowered form burned out his own body revealing his psionic energy form. Proteus can overtake someone else’s body but burns out of them due to the immense power emanating from his body. But can also be moved out of these bodies due to his weakness to metals. Finally, in the issue of the Krakoa series, Proteus is given a new much stable body to possess and finally get him to stop switching bodies to survive.

Living Lightning

Characters have Overpowered Energy Form
Characters have Overpowered Energy Form

Marvel’s version of black lightning was seen to be showcased by Miguel Santos, Miguel was transformed into a living form of electricity when he broke into the base of an extremist group’s headquarters and switched on an experimental machine. Miguel Santo’s transformation into Living electricity offers him multiple strong abilities but needs to wear a containment suit to reclaim his human form.


Halie Takahama was an orphan who was experimented upon by Dr. Arnim Zola, Hallie gained powerful abilities which helped her become a member of the thunderbolts. Only to be later shot and killed by Scourge, during the event her body went through some changes and brought her back to life as Jolt, a being with an electric energy form.


Characters have Overpowered Energy Form
Characters have Overpowered Energy Form

In the DC comics Flash is probably one of the heroes that could defeat superman in a feat of speed. But Wally West is to date the first and best speedsters in the DC universe, maybe even faster than Barry Allen. In an issue of Zero hours, afraid of a prophetic prediction Wally West crossed his limits and went faster than he had ever gone before and that is when he managed to tap into the Speed force and transform his body into pure Kinetic energy.


Avengers: Endgame Theory Captain Marvel Infinity Gauntlet

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel’s most well-known upgrade came in an issue where she was on a mission in space with the X-Men and is kidnapped by the parasitic aliens called Brood. Unknowingly the Brood’s somehow unlocked Carol Danvers’s true potential and Carol started to draw massive amounts of cosmic energy from a white hole in the vicinity, which helped her transform into a fiery goddess of overflowing cosmic energy which got codenamed as Binary.

Wonder Man

Simon Williams aka Wonder Man was transformed into a bulk of massive energy, through a machine created by Baron Zemo. Though the machine granted him access to power never witnessed before, it also made him extremely unstable and prone to an explosion, even at the slightest uncontrolled surge of power.


Marvel MCU Next Iron Man
Characters have Overpowered Energy Form

Monica Rambeau in the series masters to control her powers and can change the nature of her powers within the electromagnetic spectrum making her close to invincible and immortal.


Clark Kent during a confrontation with a Kandorian Wizard caused his body to transform into a form of energy which resulted in a new suit that acted like a containment suit to maintain solidity.

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