DC Comics Reveal That Clark Kent is Not the One True Superman

There have been several alternate versions of Superman. There’s the cloned version of Superman, Steel, Red Son Superman, Cyborg Superman, Calvin Ellis Superman and a few others. But when we think about Sups, the one name that comes to our mind is none other than Clark Kent. His influence on the comics has been so immense that no other Superman does really come to our minds whilst talking about the Man of Steel. But, you would be very surprised with the latest revelation from DC Comics.

Apparently, this new revelation comes from Legion of Super-Heroes #5, as Brainiac 5 reveals that not Clark Kent, but another hero of the DC Comics is the real true Man of Steel. Obviously, Spoilers follow. If you want to find out on your own while reading the latest issue, then don’t read ahead. You should leave right now because what follows might spoil your mood in the days of self-quarantine.

The son of Superman, Jon Kent has joined the Legion of Super-Heroes a 1000 years in the future in the 31st century. He still isn’t aware how Earth was destroyed in the 21st century, and has he been willing to know about really happened. Computo has been there to tell him all about the history, but the young Superboy has been avoiding the history lessons until now. He recently found himself in need to earn how his team of teen cosmic superheroes, the ‘Legion of Super-Heroes’ first united.

Computo shows Jon the specific moments that happen in time, and one of those moments was how the founding members of the Legion – Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Lightning Lad ended up recruiting the very intellectual Brainiac 5. Jon Kent looks at the first meeting of the Legion with Brainy, and this is where Brainy tells them about the importance of the past, 1,000 years ago (which is the DC Universe of the present times).

Brainy reveals that what happened a 1000 years ago is tied to what is going to happen to the Legion in the 31st century. And according to his calculations, Jon Kent has to be in the team. This is the reason Jon Kent aka Superboy was recruited by Legion in Superman #14. Watching all of this, Jon Kent also finds out that not his father, but he himself is the one true Superman. That’s because Brainiac 5 says:

“He is the one to teach us everything we need to know to inspire a proper new age of heroes. We need to have him experience this future and all we have built. And we need to prepare him for his coming role as the one true Superman. He needs our perspective & we need his.”

Considering the many achievements of Clark Kent, it is a huge feat that he isn’t the one true Superman. Sups is a celebrated her & a symbol of hope & justice not just on Earth, but in the cosmos. So, the future of DC Comics could have huge implications from the fact that Superboy is the one true Superman. Jon Kent might only be Superboy now, but he is definitely going to take the mantle of his father and supersede his achievements. He will become the one to save the upcoming the Legion and the planet from the upcoming crisis.

How does it feel to know that the Superman you’ve grown to love for so many years isn’t the one true symbol of hope? Tell us how you feel about this new revelation from DC Comics?

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