20 Unseen And Funniest Thor Moments That Will Change The Definition of Crazy

Chris Hemsworth is the hottest Australian actor after Hugh Jackman working in Hollywood. He plays Mighty Thor (God of Thunder) in the Marvel movies. He is of the funniest actors in Hollywood. We love his social media posts where he trolls his co-stars and even his children. On the set he does some really hilarious things which makes everyone laugh hard and so here we brought you some of the unseen and funniest Thor moments that will change the definition of crazy:

1. LOL!!

2. Cute!!

3. Avengers Moments!!!

4. Crazy!!

5. Funniest One!!

6. With Hulk!!

7. Awesome!!

8. Oh yeah!!

9. OMG!!

10. The Dancer!!

11. Handsome!!

12. Chris Trolling Chris!!

13. Wow!!

14. The Fat Suit!!

15. The Disguise Laugh!!

16. Fun With Stan Lee!!

 Funniest Thor Moments

17. Bet, They Must Be Having A Fun Conversation!!

18. The Cape Problem!!

19. That’s Right!!

 Funniest Thor Moments

20. Funniest Actor Ever!!

Pooja Singh

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