Tony Stark Was Responsible for The Peter’s Spider Bite in the MCU?

We recently saw Tom Holland’s Spider-Man being taken to a whole new level in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The character has managed to see some serious development in its arc and now we will see him being quite a lot less dependent on other heroes. Ever since Spider-Man was first introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the character has had some massive influence from Tony Stark. Stark was the one who inducted Spider-Man to the Avengers and Stark played a massive role in the development of the character. Some of the very first enemies that Spider-Man encountered were primarily because of Iron Man himself. According to a new MCU theory, Tony Stark could have caused the Spider Bite in the MCU which led to Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man.


Over the years, there have been a lot of debates regarding Spider-Man being dependent on Tony Stark. Stark has been a mentor to him from the day of the character’s debut till the day he died. Peter won’t have managed to fight some of his biggest battles if it wasn’t for Tony Stark. The last time we got to see an effect of this influence was in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Stark did not intend to be a father figure but still ended up being someone Peter could depend upon during the most significant moments. The former hero manages to make sure his impact stays even after his death, as was clearly seen with E.D.I.T.H. It stands for: “Even Dead, I’m The Hero.


Spider Bite in the MCU

Spider-Man: No Way Home was the only movie where we didn’t see Stark playing a role in the fate of the narrative. There were certain moments that we could clearly see to be avoided had Stark not been there. Peter’s closeness with Happy Hogan also plays a major role considering they both know each other simply because of Stark. The arc reactor that Electro ends up using does play a tiny role in the movie but that isn’t primarily because of Stark. But the movie does manage to lay a hint that might indicate how Stark could have had a rather essential role to play in Peter’s life.


Peter’s History With Iron Man

Even before Iron Man went ahead and recruited Peter Parker for Civil War, he had appeared next to him. Even though this was confirmed only later, Peter was actually saved by Iron Man when the former was attending the Star Expo from Iron man 2. This brief moment might have had some larger implications for Peter as this could have influenced him a lot. A very similar thing was seen in the case of Kate Bishop, as she was also saved by Hawkeye. Like Kate, Peter could have also started to seek out the man who saved him and made him want to be a superhero.


This could have seen him trying to explore the Stark Tech closely and trying to draw them to his life. While we don’t know for sure whether there were other such Expo events, Stark could have hosted a few following Avengers: Age of Ultron. Stark could have actually had such an Expo right a few days before the events of the Civil War. Over this period, Stark couldn’t have encountered any serious enemies and thus gotten a chance to work on other things. But there could have been an experiment utilizing a radioactive spider that could’ve lost a spider.


Possibility Of This Theory

Spider-Man’s origin story has always been attached to the Oscorp Labs where he is bitten by the spider. This could have been changed in the case of Tom Holland’s Peter as he might have had a different origin story. Oscorp doesn’t exist in the MCU yet. If it does get created in the future of the franchise, we can be sure that there’s no chance it would be attached to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Star Industries could have had some experiments that revolved around a radioactive spider.


Spider Bite in the MCU

We didn’t even get a chance to see Spider-Man’s backstory in the MCU. The character was introduced in a very modernistic manner as Stark indicates he discovered videos of him and connected the dots himself. It would be rather surprising to assume that Stark came across Peter when he was scouting for superheroes. Stark is actually responsible for creating some of the most interesting villains in the franchise so it won’t be surprising if an accident from him led to Spider-Man. This way he might have kept under observation and made sure he was okay. We will only get a chance to explore this origin story in the upcoming Spider-Man animated series Spider-Man: Freshman Year.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters now.

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