After Saving Earth, Sersi Has a New Role in MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe changed dramatically with the introduction of the Eternals. These cosmic-powered beings were created by the Celestials to fight the deviants and protect intelligent life so that the Celestial inside The Earth could thrive. The only catch was that most of them did not know about that last part. They were not privy to the fact that this was not a garden but a slaughterhouse. Only Ajak knew and considering her final actions, we think Sersi has a new role in MCU.

You see, things started back when the Eternals were still fighting the deviants. The cosmic beings were quarreling over their role in taking care of the humans. Some of them, such as Druig, thought that they could better use their power for the benefit of humanity if they could interfere in human matters. Others, like Ikaris chose to blindly follow Arishem’s will. But Sersi did not have her mindset. She had some love for humanity but she was also committed to the cause Arishem gave them. However, she was still unaware of the truth.


Sersi Has A New Role In MCU

You see, the Eternals were sent here for one purpose, to make sure that intelligent life lived long enough to feed the Celestial inside earth and make sure that he was born. Even the Deviants were the creation of the Celestials and had gone out of control. So something like the Eternals, those who could not evolve, were perfect candidates to become the protectors of intelligent life. But Ajak knew what lay ahead and she knew that the right way forward would be to fight against the Celestials. Even though she might have started off by sharing the truth with Ikaris, after his betrayal she would have soon decided to entrust her will to Sersi.


Ajak did this with the future in mind. She knew that the new leader of the Eternals would have to go through incredible hardships. They would have to fight both friend and foe to ensure the survival of our planet. This is the reason she chose Sersi. You see, Sersi had the power to lead the Eternals and to stand up against Arishem. She was also the only one who could challenge Ikaris for the position of the leader. Her gentle heart was the perfect choice to decide in favor of humanity. So Ajak may have been deliberate about her choice.


Moreover, it would be Sersi’s memories that will be used by Arishem to judge the worthiness of humanity. Ajak might have predicted this and hopefully made the right choice. There is also the fact that Sersi is the only Eternal with the power to kill a Celestial. Would Ajak have known this, too? She was supposed to be one of the smartest. So it is possible.


The Future

All in all, after Ikaris’ betrayal Ajak had to choose someone who would strive for humanity’s survival, fight against the Celestials, and ultimately guide the heroes of the earth to a new era. Only one Eternal was capable of fulfilling all those criteria and she was chosen to lead the Eternals by Eternal prime herself. This turned out to be one of the most complex learning moments for Sersi in the movie. Although it might have been a source of conflict for her, but Ajak’s faith in her really materialized in the third act.


Ancient Time Period of Eternals Revealed

For all of her indecision and awkwardness, Sersi really pulls it together in the final moments of the movie. She kills an Eternal and she stands up to Ikaris. Sersi is not afraid of what lies ahead but is more focused on what she should do to ensure the survival of a species that she loves dearly. The decision is reinforced by Thena’s disclosure of the horrendous flashbacks of the destruction of previous civilizations. It is devastating to find out that this is not the first time a species is led to destruction by the Eternals for the sake of perpetuating cosmic existence.


So Sersi and his Eternals decide to do something about it as we expect that we would continue to do in the future. Sersi has a new role in MCU and it may be to become the cosmic guide of the Avengers. Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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