Infinity War Theory Reveals How Tony Got Access to Nanotech Through Black Panther

Tony Stark Got Nanotech Through Black Panther: 

In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony debuted the best version of his Iron Man suit – the Mark 50. It was completely Nanotech. But sadly, we haven’t really got an explanation for how Nanotech works in the MCU. In fact, it became a convenient scientific term similar to Quantum. Anything Marvel doesn’t really wish to explain in detail, they just tag it with “Nanotech” or “Quantum.” We’ve got a new theory from Reddit which doesn’t actually explain Nanotech, but it does try to connect the dots for how exactly did Tony Stark come up with his own Nanotech suit right after Black Panther.

This theory has been given by Reddit user rgtxd26. Here’s what he wrote:

“After the events of BP, T’Challa decides to share the Vibranium with other countries. What if Tony Stark bought the Vibranium from T’Challa after he makes it public. Tony Stark has limitless applications by using Vibranium for his tech and suits. Maybe that’s how he was able to make the nanotech suit we see in Infinity War and Endgame. The properties of Vibranium enabled him to make new technology like nanotech in a very less time. Tony Stark and T’Challa never interacted on-screen but they might have interacted after Civil War when Cap left him on Siberia and possibly became friends.

Tony Stark Got Nanotech Through Black Panther

Even in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Happy references of a new shield for Captain America and Tony wouldn’t have made it with any other metal because that would be useless for Cap’s fighting style and the villains he fights. So, it is more likely that Tony used Vibranium to make that shield.

And in Civil war, when Cap leaves the shield with Tony it has scratches made from Black Panther’s claws. When Tony returns it to Cap in Endgame, it has no damage which means he repaired it. He couldn’t have repaired Vibranium scratches without using Vibranium which again implies that Tony had Vibranium with him.

The shield that Cap gives to Sam is a bit different from the original shield. There might be a chance that that shield was the one made by Tony referenced in Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

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This theory does make sense on a few ends (especially the last 2 points). Tony & T’Challa should’ve met behind the scenes. They probably did become familiar with each other up to a certain extent. But all in all, it actually feels more like wishful thinking because Iron Man and Black Panther not becoming allies and combining their resources certainly is one of the wasted opportunities of MCU.

Tony Stark Got Nanotech Through Black Panther

Just imagine what Tony could’ve done if he ever got to visit Wakanda and had seen their tech. He could’ve accomplished so much if he had gotten access to Vibranium. I mean, we even came up with our own theory suggesting that Tony’s final Endgame suit should’ve been made up of Vibranium. Maybe then, he might have been able to survive his snap as the Vibranium suit would’ve taken most of the damage. But the sad truth is that he didn’t have access to Vibranium. Tony Stark should’ve got a trip to Wakanda, but he just didn’t get one.

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The Redditor talks about the new shield that Tony made for Cap. We reckon that since Tony did not have access to Vibranium, he might have come up with a shield that isn’t as strong as Vibranium but had other attributes. After all, it was called “Cap’s prototype shield,” and Tony could’ve designed that at any given point of time before the Civil War even happened. Yes, it could’ve been the same one that Cap gave to Sam, but that’s a 50-50 chance.

Tony Stark Got Nanotech Through Black Panther

The theorist seems to think that Nanotech was something that was possible because of Vibranium. But that isn’t true. Tony Stark had actually used it before Shuri came up with the Vibranium Nanotech Black Panther suits. We saw Tony extracting a small gauntlet out of his wristwatch in the Civil War. And even the helmet on his Civil War suit retracted like it was Nanotech. So clearly, his Mark 50 suit was just an extension of the Nanotech he himself discovered. It had nothing to do with Black Panther.

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