Loki’s Comment Hints At The Real Villain of Loki (And It’s Not Kang)

Episode 4 of Loki was anything but normal. It came with a lot of surprises and twists. Forget everything you know so far about the Disney+ series because this episode has piqued everything. Some of the reveals included Loki falling in love with Sylvie, Judge Ravonna pruning Mobius, and Loki himself. But during all this, there was a major reveal that might have sipped by some viewers. As Mobius pilled out Loki from his time cell to interrogate him, the God of Mischief was at it again. Loki made a comment that could reveal the real villain of Loki.

The Real Villain of Loki

Episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” gave us way more than we bargained for. As Hiddleston previously claimed that episodes 4 and 5 will blow our minds, I can’t even fathom the events that will go down further in the series. But let’s get back to a cheeky throwaway comment by Loki, that might hint at the real big bad of the series. After arresting Loki and Sylvie from Lamentis, they were placed in different holding units. To torment and soften up Loki, Mobius put him in a time cell, which is sort of a time-loop of Loki’s one, particularly painful memory. Hence, introducing Lady Sif practicing her kicks at Loki’s groin.

Real Villain of Loki

After the torture was momentarily over, Mobius pulled him out to ask him a series of questions. At first, Loki was obviously hesitant and stiff. But then the God of Mischief came into play, almost lying too consciously. He makes up a story to throw off Mobius and say, “Of course it was me pulling the strings all along.” Now, this might seem like an ignorable comment because he’s lying, but it’s not. I say this because of the revelation of the Time-Keepers.

Further in the episode, when Mobiu was pruned (to say so), Loki and Sylvie were escorted to the Time-Keepers by Judge Renslayer. That’s because they were personally interested in seeing their pruning. Anyway, it was revealed that the Time-Keepers are no time deities, rather they’re just three mindless android puppets. Now, let me remind you that Loki did not know about the reality of the Time-Keepers, yet his comment somehow relates to the revelation. If it isn’t them, then it is someone else. And who’s a better antagonist than a Loki variant himself!

Variant Loki

Real Villain of Loki

The very comment of Loki saying he’s “pulling the strings all along” actually makes perfect sense after the Time-Keepers revelation because someone is actually doing so, if not them. Marvel has a history of hinting at the wrong villains, such as Mephisto in WandaVision and Kang in Loki. Well, we never know if we’ll actually see Kang or not. But for the moment, let’s fan out and explore other areas too. What if the real villain behind all this is a Loki variant? Moreover, considering the nature of the show, it wouldn’t harm to introduce another variant, and maybe the Superior one too.

It somewhat makes sense that there’s a Loki pulling the strings. That’s because the ideologies are sort of aligning. In the first episode, Loki tells Mobius that “choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret.” Now, if it were up to the TVA, then every single person would actually stay firm on their assigned paths. Why even have a possibility of an alternate branch? All in all, the series has seemingly been hinting all along that a Loki variant is secretly in charge. And my god, wouldn’t it be great to see Loki vs. Loki? Or maybe even a Council of Lokis (pun intended).

In hindsight, all this could be a simple yet really strong illusion. Throughout the history of this character, he’s been a master of illusion. And now we know that the variants have different powers, so a superior Loki may just be lurking. But if not this, then it’s definitely going to be Kang the Conqueror, and Loki’s comment was a simple God of Mischief banter. Otherwise, why would Ravonna be so loyal to the plans of fake Time-Keepers? Moreover, she was Kang’s lover in the comics. Makes sense when we put it altogether!

Kang could be the real Villain of Loki. But it might as well be another Loki. The series is currently streaming on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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