3 Deadly Weapons That Are Likely To Be Seen In The Street Fight

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Notorious weapons have had a long storied history in WWE. Every time one of them was introduced it marked a timeless moment in the WWE history. However cruel and inhuman it may sound but WWE universe loves to watch blood fight. Probably this is the reason WWE has time and again brought such matches in front of us. Wrestle mania 32 will also feature one such brutal match between Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar. For the past two weeks, Ambrose has been gifted deadly weapons by the Hall of Famers and Paul Heyman has made it clear that his client is the deadliest weapon on earth. Here are the three weapons which are likely to be seen again after a long time.



Don’t go by the name this one is Foley’s toy. The famous baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire was Mick Foley’s weapon of choice throughout his entire career. He used it in some of WWE’s most memorable and destructive matches. In a recent edition of Raw, this hardcore legend passed his legacy to the lunatic Ambrose. We are all accustomed to Ambrose’s character and one doesn’t require guessing that he will use Foley’s Barbie on Lesnar. Ambrose loves pain and punishment and the street fight is the perfect stage for it.

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