Aquaman Director Finds Academy Not Recognizing The Film’s VFX a “F**king Disgrace”

Aquaman director James Wan is furious over the fact that Academy has not recognized the VFX of his film. Well, we all know that Aquaman has broken a lot of records and is still cruising quite high towards the mark of $1 billion. But, everything isn’t quite good as the movie Aquaman has not been included in the list of Academy Awards for Visual Effects.

Aquaman Director

Yes, Aquaman wasn’t there and there was a huge roar in the support of Aquaman but nothing changed despite the fact that movie was getting praised for its epic and extraordinary visual effects by a lot of critics and people around the world. But, it wasn’t the case with Academy as the list which they announced didn’t have the name Aquaman in it. The top 10 movies in the list are:

Aquaman Director





Aquaman Director







Aquaman Director

So, these are the movies according to Academy which impressed them and the visual effects of Aquaman movie weren’t that much great and impressive in their eyes. Well, when the movie was released, James Wan posted on Facebook in order to commemorate and advertise the release of the film. It was the visual effects supervisor, Kevin Mcllwain who commented on that post saying,

“Congrats James, It was such an honor to be a part of this creative endeavor and to work with you again. Cheers!!!!”

Aquaman Director

After seeing the message from Mcllwain, James Wan simply said a lot of heartfelt things to his team member and also thanked him and his whole team for the efforts they put in the movie as for him they are the unsung heroes of the Aquaman’s success and deserve a huge credit for it. Wan also picked the omission by Academy and in its context, he said,

Aquaman Director

“Kelvin, you and your department are the unsung heroes of this film. The fact that your VFX peers in the Academy aren’t recognizing or appreciating what we/you’ve all contributed to the film and cinema is a f**king disgrace.”

Aquaman DirectorWell, I have to say that I was also pretty shocked and saddened by the fact that Aquaman hasn’t made it to the list of Academy Awards because it was the first underwater movie which was predominately was in the water and also showed a lot of underwater creatures, battle scenes, and other interesting stuff. Also, it wasn’t an easy task to make people believe that Atlantis does exist and whatever they’re seeing is real.

Aquaman Director

On the things which James Wan said about the Academy, it was Mcllwain who picked up a lighter tone as he also stated his views about his team’s omission from the list and stated,

Aquaman Director

“I’m with you, James. It was a complete shock to everyone that we are not in the final 10 films that will be presenting at the Academy VFX Bake-off. The selection process is very flawed in my opinion and too open to influence.”

Aquaman Director

We have to say that the anger and the kind of language which James Wan has used are quite reasonable and Academy simply deserves to hear these words as we all know that James Wan is the man who convinced Warner Bros for giving him the whole freedom and control over the project. And convincing Warner Bros isn’t an easy task but he did that and made a blockbuster film but it seems like Academy is showing its true well-known nature of being biased here again.

Aquaman Director

But, a movie in which the role of VFX is almost 100% and the movie was a big hit all over the world. Getting praised by a lot of critics for its tremendous visuals as we all knew that we are going to witness some really cool and beautiful stuff in this movie when the trailer came out and that’s why we simply can’t think of any digestible reason for not including Aquaman in the list.

But, if you know the reason then do tell us in the comments section down below.

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