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Spider-Man Fan Spotted The Lizard In No Way Home Trailer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been bustling with more and more characters the last few weeks. Ever since Loki ended with an explosive season Finale it seems we have had an explosion of new multiversal characters in the MCU. As time goes on things seem to be getting crazier and crazier. To make matters worse the No Way Home trailer dropped today and it has some interesting insights. With the multiverse in full throttle, it seems that a lot of old Spider-Man villains will be returning to the screen. Although most of them as obvious it was difficult to discern the character who attacked Peter from behind. But a Twitter user has digitally enhanced to footage to reveal the Lizard in the No Way Home trailer.

It can be seen in the sequence that the Lizard tried attacking Peter Parker but is stopped by some kind of forcefield, more likely than not this is a forcefield put up by Dr. Strange to keep Peter safe from the atrocities of the multiverse that they have let loose by their mistakes. Dr. Strange might not be in a position to aid Peter in combat but he will surely play the role of a support wizard in the movie, guiding Peter and helping him become more aware of the Multiverse. The Lizard, on the other hand, is a different kind of mentor.

Rise of the Lizard

It is often commented that Spider-Man’s worst enemies are the people who used to be his mentors. In a lot of storylines, this holds true. There have been numerous instances where Peter has worked for Dr. Octavious and Dr. Curt Connors. The thing is that in almost all of those stories Dr. Octavious turns into Dr. Octopus and Connors turns into Lizard. It is quite heartbreaking to see such a thing unfold one after the other. Peter has not had a very easy life but every time he gets close to success his mentor changes into a supervillain.

Lizard In No Way Home Trailer

This kind of thing has happened more often as time has gone by. Curt Connors was actually trying to make a serum that would save Norman Osborn from death. But when no one would let him test it, the scientist injected it into himself and regrew his lost arm along with some other sinister powers. The serum eventually took over his body and turned him into the lizard and it seems that is the iteration that will be coming to the MCU.

Lizard In No Way Home Trailer

The more time passes the more obvious it seems that the sinister six will be assembling on screen given the current circumstances of the movie. With the confirmation of Lizard in the movie, it seems that there will be a villain galore in the third installment. Let’s start from the top, we already know that Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin are part of the project so that is 2. Now add Electro and sandman into the mix (both of whom have been hinted at in the trailer) the tally comes up to 4. If we count lizard we end up at 5. But the next villain is the most deadly. The black and gold suit in the movie is most likely a nod to Venom.

The 6th providence

It is also possible that the Black Suit is a gift by strange, in this case, it is more likely that the sixth villain of the antagonist team will be Rhino from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Seeing as we only ever got a glimpse of the Rhino in the original movie we are even more excited to see the villain in his full force in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Soon, the sinister six will come from all over the universe to take down Spider-Man and The Lizard will be a part of them in a more sinister way than we could imagine.

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As things move towards the multiverse in Phase IV, the storylines will keep on getting crazier and crazier. This means that we may get more chances to see supervillain team-ups than we can ever imagine. It is also possible that the heroes that will be a part of this excursion will have their multiversal counterparts for help. There are already rumors of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire joining the Tom Holland Spider-Man in No Way Home. We think he will need all the help he can get if he is going to face the Sinister Six.

What is your opinion on the entire matter? Were you excited after spotting the Lizard in No Way Home Trailer? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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