20 Times Thor Ragnarok Cast Proved They Are The Craziest of All

Thor Ragnarok was certainly the best MCU movie that came out last year and it was the boldest movie attempted by MCU. Taika Waititi and team made a really awesome movie that all the fans, as well as the critics, just loved it so very much. Here we bring you the funniest moments which proved Thor Ragnarok cast are the craziest of all:

1. Beatboxing!!

2. Haha!!

3. LOL!!

4. Squats Are Must!!

5. Crazy!!

6. That Naughty Laughter!!

7. Funniest Director Ever!!

8. LMAO!!

9. Oh God!!

10. That Smacking Ass!!

11. Man Behind The Korg!!

12. Oops!!

13. Funniest Cast!!

14. Just Got Replaced!!

15. Sweet!!

16. He Is Acting!!

17. Nap Time!!

18. Honest Mistake!!

19. Hilarious!!

20. Spoiler King!!

Pooja Singh

Her belief lies in the power of elegant intentionality in this world filled with lurid colors.
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