3 Things for Cinephiles to Tick Off Their Bucket List

A lot of people enjoy movies. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people on this earth love movies as a form of entertainment. I mean, what’s not to love? There’s a movie out there for everyone; movies cover a lot of topics. Plus, you don’t need to concentrate as much as you would when reading a book, and most movies don’t exceed a two-hour runtime, so they don’t require the commitment that a series might. All in all, the movies are pretty popular. But there are people who don’t just “enjoy” movies – they eat, sleep and breathe them. They have a list of their favorite movies for each year, and their friends know to get them movie-lover gifts. Those are the people who have more than a few movie-related items on their bucket list. In this post, we’ll be exploring the four coolest things a movie-lover can do.

Attend a movie premiere

Few things in this world are as exciting as going to see a highly anticipated movie in theaters. From rushing to buy your tickets to standing in line and talking to fellow fans, to the lights dimming and the opening credits rolling in . . . It’s a movie lover’s dream. But do you know what’s even cooler than that? Attending a movie premiere. Most movie premieres are only open to the elite – your Hollywood starlets, that is. But every now and then, a few lucky people get to attend one. Whether you love action movies or romantic movies, seeing a movie at a premiere is sure to be a dream come true.

Meet your favorite celebrity

Everyone has someone they look up to or whose work they admire. Musicians have popstars, readers have authors, and movie-lovers . . . Well, movie lovers have actors. And directors. And producers. And screenwriters. Basically, there are quite a few options for celebrities when it comes to the film industry. And while some people say that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, others say that you definitely, definitely should. And maybe even ask for their autograph (in a nice way, of course).

Have an at-home theater

We’ve just said that going to the movies is one of the best experiences for a film-lover. That being said, movies tend to be on the big screen for only a few weeks at a time, before you’re stuck with watching reruns, or waiting for it to come out on Netflix. But what if it were possible to bring the silver screen to you; to be able to enjoy the big screen and surround sound whenever you want, with whatever movie you want? Luckily, that is a possibility. Home theater rooms are sure to be a dream come true for any movie lover. They definitely aren’t cheap, but if movies are your life, you likely won’t care what the price is – it will be worth it. It can also make for fun family times, and you can even go the extra mile with popcorn machines and the comfiest of seats.

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