MCU Easter Eggs Spotted In WandaVision Episode 3

If you haven’t seen the third episode of the most talked-about MCU show, WandaVision, then we must warn you that this article is full of SPOILERS. The weird reality of Westview town was introduced as a retro sitcom starring Wanda and Vision. But the recent episode on Disney+ has given us a sneak peek into the darkness that lurks under the comedy. It is filled with Easter eggs and hidden details that refer to the outside Marvel universe. Marvel fans have been debating over whether Wanda is the creator of this strange world or is she one of the prisoners. Whatever it is, this episode has explored new heights of chills and forewarns the impending storm. Brace yourselves to unravel the MCU Easter eggs that are spotted in WandaVision episode 3.

 1. Wanda’s Speedy Pregnancy and Delivery

Wanda getting pregnant and going into labor in a matter of few hours was taken from the comic books. In the books, she used her powers and also the demon Mephisto’s powers, unknowingly, to create the souls of her babies. Vision had no role in their birth as he was an android and the speedy delivery occurred due to the high presence of magic.

 2. Who Are Billy and Tommy?

The newborn twins of Wanda and Vision are named Billy and Tommy. Even in the comic books, Wanda gave birth to twins who eventually became evil and died. The moment she stopped believing in them, Billy and Tommy ceased to exist. However, it did take a huge toll on Wanda and led to her breakdown. Later their souls were reincarnated and they were born in different families as Wiccan and Speed. Wiccan and Speed also grew up to be superheroes and joined the Young Avengers.

 3. The Paint Cans

The paint cans used to paint the nursery for Wanda and Vision’s kid read Simser. It is a nod to the artist Jeremy Simser who will also contribute to the making of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

 4. Hydra Soak

MCU Easter Eggs In WandaVision Episode 3

Every episode in the sitcom of WandaVision shows an ad that bears the traumatic past of Wanda. The Stark Industries toaster was a reminder of the bomb that exploded and killed her parents during the Civil War in Sokovia, whereas the Strucker watch by HYDRA stemmed from the experiments Baron Von Strucker from Hydra did on Wanda and Pietro. This time, the Hydra Soak with “Find the Goddess Within” indicated at the Mind Stone that transformed Wanda. We are yet to find out if the Mind Stone turned her into a mutant or unleashed her dormant witch powers and turned her into Scarlett Witch.

 5. Vision’s Shakespeare Quote

Vision is slowly sensing that something is wrong with the world they are in and is beginning to question reality. Before Wanda turned back time to prevent him from remembering anything, Vision used a curious quote from Shakespeare. He said, “All the world’s a stage. All the men and women merely players”. This quote mirrors the weird reality of Westview where everyone is playing a role.

 6. Monica Rambeau

Maria Rambeau’s daughter, Monica, who appeared in “Captain Marvel” is all grown up now and clearly a member of SWORD. Her appearance in this episode spilled more than Wanda wanted us to know. Even though she comes as Geraldine, fans know that Teyonah Parris is Monica Rambeau. The mention of Gravity O’s cereal with little marshmallow moonmen either pays a nod to SWORD’s mission to watch sentient beings on earth or Monica’s past with aliens.

MCU Easter Eggs In WandaVision Episode 3
MCU Easter Eggs In WandaVision Episode 3

The necklace that Monica was wearing had the insignia of SWORD from the comic books. SWORD stands for Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division that watches the superhumans on earth. They come from comic books but in the movies, they are linked to the aftermath of the Sokovia Accords in “Captain America: Civil War”.

 7. Wanda Mentions Pietro

This was the first time that the show made a direct reference to the outside reality of MCU. So far, we were looking at Wanda’s ideal world where everything seemed to be happy. Soon after Wanda gave birth to the twins, she recalled having a twin once. The fact that she uses the past tense shows how Wanda subconsciously remembers that Pietro was killed by Ultron. The mention of Pietro changes something in Monica and she seems to remember events of Sokovia. As a member of SWORD, Monica had access to this piece of information. On learning that Geraldine knows more than she should have, Wanda decides to expel her out of the reality bubble. It made things clear that Wanda is evidentially trying to suppress her trauma and turning back time whenever someone questions the reality.

 8. Bubble of Reality

MCU Easter Eggs In WandaVision Episode 3
MCU Easter Eggs In WandaVision Episode 3

Episode 3 of WandaVision was a huge step up from the first two and puts things in a clearer light. Apart from the direct mention of the shared MCU universe and other quotes, it was the ending that puts things into place. Westview seems to be locked inside a reality bubble that was mentioned a lot of times in the Avengers comic books. In the Marvel comics, this bubble was formed out of a collision between two different universes at the interaction point. It is also worth noticing that this Bubble of Reality does not reflect the signature red of Wanda. Anything that emerges from Wanda’s magic is always red.

 9. Daydream Believer

You can also hear the song “Daydream Believer” by The Monkees in the background of episode 3. This soundtrack isn’t a random choice but has been put to signify something. It can point to a new theory that Scarlet Witch is dreaming all of this. Even the promotion ads for WandaVision said “dreaming” instead of “streaming”. Could Wanda be stuck in a daydream of the world that she always desired? And has that come into reality?

 10. SWORD Placed Outside Westview

It’s amazing how MCU manages to connect every tiny element in its shows and movies. Right after Monica was thrown out of the reality bubble, the aspect ratio had changed, thus indicating to present times as opposed to Wanda’s retro reality. It’s also worth noticing how the town is named Westview where the two words begin with the initials of Wanda and Vision. Moving on, the ending of this episode was a big advancement from the first two episodes. It revealed that the organization SWORD has formed a perimeter around Wanda’s Westview and is closely monitoring it. It is also reminiscent of how the SHIELD has gathered around the mysterious Mjolnir in “Thor”.

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